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RE: Original Research: Evaluating the Healing Potency of Different Honey on Wound and Skin Infections Collected from Three Selected Hospitals in Nigeria

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The more I learn, the more I'm convinced that most diseases can be easily cured with proper diet and exercise. Some of the rest can be cured with simple home or traditional remedies such as the one you describe. Very few require professional medical intervention.

Example: For years I used to take an ointment and an eye drop every time I got uveitis; and the uveitis happened ~2 times a year, mostly when the seasons changed for the colder. Had to go to the eye doctor, get the prescription, and all that jazz. Now what I do is I cover my head with a hoodie for as much of the day as I can and I wash my eye with cotton dipped in black tea 3 times a day. Never needed the eye doctor since I started doing this. Is it possible that medicine is unaware of this? Hard to believe that some scientist hasn't described it in some paper that others willfully ignore or don't care to confirm with further research.


Haha, indeed actually some home remedy work better than synthetic drugs.

I am not a fan of most synthetic drugs, I love nature. The issue with using natural products without dosage is overdose.

Regardless, there are a lot of things science is yet to unravel in the area of medicine. I will dig deep to find out the relationship between the uveitis and the black tea, that will be a nice topic to research on. Harnessing the therapeutic potential will sure be a breakthrough.