Vision of the world climate summits and environmental technicality

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Within the infinite speeches that in each international meeting to address the problems of climate change historically there has been an environmentalist technicality, which gives the impression of accepting a whole environmentalist pro current in defense of nature, but in reality everything remains in speeches without actions, so that, this environmentalist technicality is only a facade that gives states and multinationals the opportunity of business that opens the crisis is very profitable.

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▶ Faced with this harsh reality of increasing deterioration of natural resources, it seems that it will not be possible to disconnect the ecological variant from the rest of social phenomena, so it seems that talking about Climate Change is the result or rather the product of the imagination that happens in another social, economic and political context different from ours.

For three decades experts in ecology have been announcing the serious environmental damage, and since then the topics on the negative impact on nature is fashionable in the various summits and world meetings on climate change, ie the issue became an inert model where we stand and had nothing to do with the excessive accumulation or concentration of power as entities to solve the problems.

Keeping the rhetoric in my blog, I dare to assure that environmental issues are not problems of inequality if we think that economic power allows access to water, the use of green areas or energy, so that, if we do not take action in the coming years, then it will not be possible to separate causes and consequences and much less find solutions to combat climate change.

Technical environmentalism only explains the ecosocial crisis, alluding only to global warming and the concentration of greenhouse gases that produce it, so that, for technicalism, the whole problem points to the ecosocial crisis through the accumulation of carbon dioxide, without considering the rest of the damage caused to natural resources.

▶ Credits: Nytimes. – [Image of Public Domain]

The misinterpretations of environmental technicism is a current that apparently defends nature, but it seems that they do it only as a very profitable strategy that gives them the business opportunity that opens with the crisis, and that goes to the form and not to the bottom, to the consequence and not the cause.

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