The world climate summit (COP27) and real solutions to climate change

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In recent days, the World Climate Summit (COP27) was held, where exclusively technical speeches in favor of climate change were made, but environmental pollution is a pending global issue that no summit or international agreement has been able to solve, and this is something evident in the eyes of the world but nobody is doing anything to take firm steps to find real and applicable solutions.

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▶ In this order of ideas, and according to a UN report, the industries that produce enormous volumes of pollution and toxic substances are mining and smelting, manufacturing, textiles, construction and transportation, so that the presidential leaders who meet at these summits such as COP27 ignore the environmental strategies to create actions in each of these sectors that cause so much damage year after year to the environment.

If we add to this the oil spills that have affected Amazon forests, rivers and seas, agrochemicals impacting soils, while inputs such as mercury, used by illegal mining, have negative effects on flora, fauna, rivers, lakes and living beings, then we understand that the problems are greater and the intentions to solve them do not exist.

Therefore, in the face of the undeniable lack of interest of governments to solve pollution problems, society itself must seek strategies to strengthen environmental education worldwide at all levels of schooling, in order to form men and women committed to the environment.

Men and women who in the near future execute practices that can contribute with small actions such as recycling, reducing the consumption of plastic materials, the use of alternative energies, are only the beginning of the change, which guarantees us a commitment to achieve the desired sustainable development.

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Strengthening environmental education worldwide at all levels of schooling, would allow us to address environmental risks in the future through the performance of professional specialists who contribute to the real solution of the problems caused by climate change.

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