Climate change conference between food security and nature's defense

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In my blog every time I have the opportunity to reiterate that current agricultural methods fall short of meeting real food demands and additionally are responsible for the stalling of biodiversity friendly agriculture talks, since as we know it is conventional agricultural methods that are responsible for the serious problems of climate change.

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▶ In this regard, it is worth mentioning that the main food producing countries with conventional agricultural methods were present at the recent global summit in favor of climate change, and where representatives of the world's largest commercial food companies returned to the conference to commit once again to reduce deforestation in their supply chains, after previous commitments were not fulfilled.

The agricultural companies that attended the recent world summit in favor of climate change produce a high percentage of the world's food, so these companies are seen as part of the solution to the global environmental crisis and must be part of the environmental negotiations to make their contribution in a highly polluted global context.

One aspect to highlight is that the organizers and leaders of the COP27 climate summit held in the Egyptian city of Sharm el Sheikh, expressed their intention to join efforts in favor of climate change, but unfortunately these efforts are overshadowed by the scarce strategies to create new forms of agricultural production.

A point of contention is that at the meeting where global solutions to address climate change are discussed, a consensus document signed by the ministers of agriculture of the attending states was approved, in which it was stressed that there can be no environmental sustainability if there is no food security, for which the states have a leading role with the balance tilted only to food production.

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For this reason, the large food multinationals that apply agroecological strategies are trying to encourage the small farmers with whom they work to adopt regenerative agriculture methods, such as the use of organic matter instead of chemical products, to preserve freshwater sources and control pests.

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The rather famous documentary Cowspiracy makes the argument that it's breeding animals for food that causes more than 50% of climate change, and if we all became vegetarians that would effectively stop climate change. It was citing statistics like 85% or something of the Amazon deforestation is because of cows and planting soy to feed to cows. Anw, just thought that's an interesting perspective.

Thank you for reading my article, you break down two points at the center of the problem, the raising of animals under the conventional entry system is the biggest problem that affects natural spaces, unfortunately it seems that the large transnationals do not care about this, much less the heads of states.

Funny how this 'world leaders' decide for the people, when they only consume charts and data, but have not experience poverty firsthand or whatsoever. Maybe they think they're doing good to the world, but they are just milking the rich by using the poor.

You are right @oniemaniego these people decide for the majority and the worst thing is that they end up creating political and environmental chaos in their countries.

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Leaders uhhh??? The same ones who have no taste for what the people have to endure on daily basis.. Thanks for this piece on agriculture though 🙂🙂..

If @balikis95 for some mysterious reason they are miscalled leaders, but they are not, these people mostly end up creating political and environmental chaos in their countries.

Hmm...true enough

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