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RE: Citizen science particle physics project on Hive - Let’s get started!

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Great! does it require a powerful computer to run the software? I have an old notebook with linux.


This may work. I have seen the codes running on pretty old systems. The price to pay is probably being a little bit more patient. How old is your machine? Is it older than 5 years?

Yes, it is older than 5 years, I think it will be better to try to create a virtual machine on my main computer, which unfortunately has windows...

You can try out. It may work. As I said, at the end of the day it is just a matter of being patient enough. However, a virtual box on a Windows machine may be preferable, with newer versions of compilers, python, etc.

Hi, @lemouth! I already installed the package on my old linux machine (if I see it's running too slow, I'll install a virtual machine on my other computer). The installation process went smoothly. Then I ran the tutorial. In the output part, it tells me that I have no Fortran compiler installed.

Thanks for pointing it out. I ihave in fact updated the post before the week-end, following a comment along these lines by @eniolw and @servelle. I forgot to mention the compiler requirements in the initial version of the post, which is now fixed.

Great to read that you managed to go through everything. I am really happy about it. Will you write a small report on #citizenscience? :)

Oh, I missed that update. I will try to write my report tomorrow.

Excellent! I am looking forward to read it :)

Well, finally everything is installed and the report is done!