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RE: Is There COVID-19 in Your Drainage Pipe?

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Thanks so much for that reply. I really appreciate your generous assessment :)

I think I need to add a postscript later (didn't want to be too boring). All the PPEs are helpful. Anything that impedes the spread is helpful. However, social distancing should be enhanced because of the reach aerosols have. Ventilation should be enhanced. HEPA filters in all public spaces would be advisable. And, N95s should be (should have been) more widely available.

As for drains, there are ways to help prevent leakage from one residence to another. Keep the drains flushed. Apparently when the pipes dry out, that's when aerosolization occurs. Also, if your bathroom pipes exude odor from other places (not your apartment) then there is leakage and it should be addressed.

This really is a large topic. I just want to tap readers on the shoulders and tell them there's a lot of information we don't have. I think responsible agencies aren't acting responsibly. This should be public knowledge. Hiding it just makes us suspicious of every official proclamation.

Hope you and your family are safe.
From crazy (getting crazier every day) USA,