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RE: Can a Tarantula and a Frog Get Along?

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Hi @sunnyag, Isn't this cool? There are so many things in the world I don't know. So much stuff to learn and write about. Don't you love blogging? And when readers like you come along and comment, that's the cherry on top.

Thanks so much. If you happen to come across a recording of the dotted humming frogs 'singing', pass it on. I'd love to hear it :))

Have a great evening (or whatever it is where you live).


Thank you, I would love to give you a recording of doted frog singing. They do it during rainy season so if you want my personal recording, you will have to wait for now. Have a nice & tight sleep!

I can't tell you how much that video pleased me. Thank you so very much. I'm going to forward it to my Ipad and listen to it as I go to sleep.


Glad to be of some help :)