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RE: Science and Art - the final STEMsocial selection (for a bonus prize)

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Brilliant selections. Congratulations to the STEMsocial jury and to the great artists who made these collages.

This week was spectacular in several ways. First way was the response to the challenge. Oh my heavens. So many people turned in collages. Then there was the quality of art. Truly 'heavenly'. Finally, there was the interest in science. People were inspired by the theme and actually motivated to read and learn more. This may be the best result of the contest.

Teaming up two communities that are fueled by inspiration--that was itself inspiration.

What an amazing week!


I agree with every single word that you wrote in your comment. As already mentioned in another reply to a comment to this post, the amount of contributions was really mind-blowing! Moreover, among those a significant fraction of them were super creative and truly amazing.

This definitely motivates me for putting in place the organisation of a next episode in a mid-term future!