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RE: Six years of particle physics (and STEMsocial) on Hive!

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I hope you are unplugged, @lemouth, as I write this. Two days are up. You are a champion in every way. Hive and physics can have no better representative.

When you read this, three weeks from now, I hope are rested and back to full strength. I'll try to comment on many StemSocial posts while you are away.

Happy Hive birthday. Happy holidays. Enjoy your family and the summer.


I am not totally unplugged as we need to prepare our trip (and somehow I need to access the computer). However, we are super busy in preparing everything, and my online time is thus already very limited. I am only answering messages when other pages I need (like those of hotels, airlines) get loaded ;)

See you in a few weeks and thanks for engaging with our authors. I hope you will enjoy your summer too! Happy holidays!