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RE: Citizen science on Hive - The first ever calculation of same-sign di-muon total rates at the LHC run 3!

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@agreste was the first ever person in the world to provide total production rates for double-beta process at the LHC run 3.

Congratulations to him, and to you for having the project yield such a result.

As I will be offline (not necessarily away, but really offline) for 3 or 4 weeks, there won’t be more tasks proposed during before my return

I am looking forward to your vacation 😇 Although you will be missed, your wife and your friends will be relieved to see you rest.

Have fun with the family this summer🏊‍♀🌅


Thanks a lot for this message. Still two days of work, two days of preparation, and then the computer will stay mostly offline (and I am not a "very phony person", so that my phone won't be very useful to stay connected ;)