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RE: News from a particle physicist and university lecturer in COVID times

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So happy to see you here @lemouth. I am sorry that COVID times have drawn on so much of your energy. Still, you are among the fortunate (still alive, still working, able to rebound).

Looking forward to reading your Monday blogs. My education continues....

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Thanks for passing by!

Yes, I should not even complain. Many have lost so much and have been hit so hardly... And all of this is not over yet. We probably still have 2 or 3 years to go. I remember having once mentioned in our of your posts (dozens of months ago) that we are in the middle of 4 years of pandemic, if my memory is correct. I am still correct with such a prediction :)

I still hope to be able to write something on Monday (the pace is still non zero ;) ). I am currently debating with myself about what to write about: some recent research results (mostly the so-called flavour anomalies) or some general audience blurb about particle physics (inspired from my live sessions with adults and high-school kids). Any preference on your side?

Hey @lemouth,
Can't tell you how happy I am to see you here. I'm glad life (everything that entails) is lending you to us, at least temporarily.

I love your science posts. Ever since reading them I've paid more attention to news about physics and astronomy. However, it's also fascinating to get a perspective on how physics is perceived by your audiences. I'm a cross-cultural person. My formal areas of specialty are comparative literature, history and humanities. Of course I'm interested always in the cultural perspective.

So you see, whatever you write about will be a win for me. Hope you get the time and that new variant (yes, it looks like four years at least!) doesn't throw us back again.

Hope your family is well.

Thank you so much for such a motivating message! Definitely I will write about something. I still have a few days to think about it.

As said above, I participate since this year to outreach events with high-school kids (those were in fact speed meetings). What is really great is that some of the kids want to study more and become a researcher (not necessarily in physics), and some other are just uninterested in science. All of this is a nice exercise as we have one speech that needs to pass to all at the same time. Along these lines, the type of questions I get are varied (and therefore interesting).

It is the same here on STEMsocial and Hive. The questions that are risen are very interesting ones (and cool to be answered). Once in a while they even surprise me (if I remember well the good old days).