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RE: The Opossum: Hands Like a Primate and Smarter Than a Dog

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Thank you! Your comment is gratifying. I enjoyed doing the research and always try to verify everything I assert so that readers can rely on it. Of course, the information is only as good as the sources.

Opossums are not aggressive but will bite if we are aggressive toward them. They do have those teeth :))


But I could have feed the local opossums like ten times if i trowed my biological wastes sooner, I ended up waiting until it rot several times because the opossums hissed at me when I tried to get close to the garbage disposal area. If I knew that before, I would have atleast try to place the garbage bag on the trash and the leftover food on the "cleaner area" for these lovely animals.

I have being doing it wrong for a long while haha, if they are not actively agresive, then I can just ignore them by keeping distance, and not have to wait until the food goes bad, and they could eat more fresh food.

Anyways, thank you for your tip, I din't saw it coming at all. Greetings :)

Just be careful and listen to the hiss. They are wild animals and all wild animals are unpredictable. If they hiss at me, I move away.

(you are welcome)

I will, at least they will get the fresh food instead, its worth a try <3

Thank you! See you on other time :)