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Hello @gracielaacevedo,
What an impressive essay...almost a seminar on Jungian psychology/philosophy. I think it's fascinating that when Jung wrote we knew little about epigenetics. And yet, in a way, epigenetics can be viewed as a kind of validation of collective unconsciousness. I've never accepted this Jungian concept, but if each generation influences subsequent generations through experience and gene expression, in a way, this becomes a sort of collective phenomenon. I know I'm playing loose with Yung, and with epigenetics, but this is an interesting way of looking at heritability that goes beyond the double helix.

Thank you for this quite expansive and interesting discussion.


Cheers, @agmoore! I am also impressed by the lucidity of the forerunners! There are so many in our human history! In that sense, and particularly, I declare myself a follower of Freudian concepts, from the perspective of Jacques Lacan. Perhaps Jung knew how to play better with the way of making himself understood, which is also a great merit. The discovery of the unconscious (despite the obscurity of the subject) is very evident today for many people and opens the way for the study of this new breed of scientific initiatives such as the study of the epigenome, presuming that there is something that varies in each individuality and that can be inherited as learning for the species. Also, in some way, of the advances in neuroscience where relationships that were unthinkable a short time ago are being established, such as the brain and religion.
Thanks for your reading and comment. It is my pleasure to find you here.