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RE: Original Research: Investigating The Therapeutic potential of Locally Consumed Grasshopper in Abuja, Nigeria, against Arthritis disease

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Wow. That may not be articulate, but it certainly sums up my reaction. I think of all the medicines prescribed to treat arthritis. Every one of them has some nasty side effect. Wouldn't grasshopper eating be so much better?

Maybe I missed this in the essay, but how do we get around the problem of chemical contamination? I know birds are poisoned in different parts of the world because they consume insects that are laden with insecticides.

And congratulations on having your article discovered as a resource. I wonder how often that happens with STEMsocial posts.

Great article, as always.


That's Very true s regarding chemical contamination of this insect. The the probably solution is to use artificially bred ones for health purposes. This will help reduce the chances of chemical contamination.

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