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RE: Original Research: Evaluating the Healing Potency of Different Honey on Wound and Skin Infections Collected from Three Selected Hospitals in Nigeria

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How did I miss this? I am a fan of honey for wounds, so that is not surprising. The fascinating part of this article for me was the description of wound healing, especially where the wound contracts. I always noticed this with small scratches and wondered about it.

This action is executed by a special type of muscle cells called myofibroblasts. They grip the edges of the wound during the process of contraction. After the whole processes, any cell that is no longer needed is marked for cell death and they consequently undergo apoptosis - natural cell death.

There is something so willful about this. Our bodies perform all these processes all the time and we just go on year after year unaware of how amazing the whole thing is.

Thank for a great article.


Lol...there are more to even what we don't know that the body does for us humans.

As we research deeply, we tend to find out more.

I always appreciate your well articulated feedback.

Thanks for reading.