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RE: Original Research: Discussion on the role of Protein Kinase C in Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

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Hello @cyprianj,

If you ever weary of research, you can always become a teacher. You present the information in manageable bits and define terms clearly. With perseverance, most of us can grasp the basic concepts presented in your blog.

I read it carefully, but did not study it. If I did study it, I'm sure I'd come away with a better grasp of the information presented. You did a great job. However, even though I didn't study it, I do understand the basic thrust of your research, I think. The cancer cells have found a way to avoid being eaten. They have become immune to the attack strategy of chemo drugs. Your research is intended to coat somehow the surface of cancer cells so they can be eaten.

CD47 ligation with anti-CD47 mAb (BRIC 126) caused the exposure of PS

PS makes the cells susceptible to apoptosis (death!!).

whenever this molecule Phosphatidylserine is exposed or expressed on the surface membrane of any cells, it marks the cell for ultimate destruction through the process of apoptosis.

My description may sound like a cartoon version of a very sophisticated, erudite discussion. But I think I get it. It's wonderful, an amazing privilege to have someone of your caliber blogging on Hive. Now I'm taking two science course :)
Theoretical physics (@lemouth)
Research medicine/oncology (@cyprianj)

Thanks so much for writing a great blog and expanding my understanding of the world I live in.


Whoops, thanks a bunch.
You have actually made a huge summary of the post already...

It's a privilege to be here and I am indeed Happy I have a community that appreciate medicine and research as a whole.