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RE: Familia Chrysomelidae | Algunos datos de interés relacionados a escarabajos del género Cryptocephalus

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Another amazing article. The one thing I take away from this blog is the incredible adaptation. So many different varieties of this insect developed to feed on different parts of the plant at different stages of development. The most interesting of the many facts was the one where the mother covers her eggs in excrement to make them unappetizing and also to give them a protective shell.

Insects are fascinating (to me). They always have been. You explain the information so clearly and the photos are a great assist. Really, thank you very much.


Arthropods in general are very interesting life forms, but insects are a cut above because of the incredible number of adaptations they possess to survive. Thank you very much for your comments and support for my publications. I responded a little late to your comment because the rains have left me with serious Internet connection problems. I send you a hug and good health to you and your family @agmoore.