Sprinkling Food Science into Daily Home Cooking

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Rose is a passionate home cook who believes in keeping even simple food interesting. During her early childhood years she is often fixated by two things: books and the ways of the kitchen. Although her first dish was a disaster which is expected from a child, she was truly inspired from it. The thrill of making food from scratch into something delicious and presentable developed early, and questions about what went wrong and why things worked out great intrigues her mind. The simplicity and limitations of the rural life helped developed resourcefulness and creativity in her cooking. Memories of making food for the field workers during the planting and harvest season, and for her family reminded her that if food is made from love and passion can do wonders like placing a smile on their faces and excitement of their souls. Yet even with the sense of fulfilment from it, she believed that there are more that these, and making good food is a lifelong adventure to take on.


Although her undergraduate course is Biotechnology majoring in industry, her first job in a food company allowed her to ponder how food is prepared in industrial scale and compare the similarity of its principles in smaller scale like home cooking. Currently she is working in a food laboratory in a nationally mandated research institution situated within a university as a research assistant that allows her to tinker matters about food, its development, its principles, and its production. Her scope includes basic biotechnology, food microbiology, fermentation, food chemistry, biochemistry, product development, good manufacturing practices, and basic data analysis. Working in food related field further inspired her to continue her passion by taking a master’s degree in food technology.

Her past time includes drinking coffee, reading, writing poetries and short stories, painting, introspecting, daydreaming, and of course her favourite housework is cooking for her family and friends. She prefers coffee without sugar. Her comfort food is crispy yet juicy fried chicken, and sometimes a bag of salty chips. Her favourite alcoholic drinks are cabernet sauvignon and whisky which she drinks occasionally and in moderation. She enjoys both strong and light tastes and flavours. She is a dreamer and a worker, a Christian, a daughter, a sister, a poet-at-heart, and believe me she an introvert despite of working in a very social environment. Her simple and realistic dream is to have a nice kitchen (I don’t know how nice is her nice) and to cook innumerable dishes from there. Which is relatively candid but considering her often busy schedule, it might be an honest dream. For her she already lived her ambition: to able to live in the moment; to have an ample amount of time for herself and her family; to have a source of income; and to live a life of faith, hope, and love towards God and to those around her.

She joined in this platform to allow herself to be in a community with creative people with same mind, passion, and zest for life. With a desire to be able to share tips and techniques in cooking that could be applied in a simple as the home setting. And to be able to hear from the community’s ideas, comments, and suggestion based on their experiences and even scientific opinions are welcome.


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Glad you decided to join hive today, Neechan‼️😸
I can't wait to read your posts already--especially about food🙂🙃😊

This part is where I could relate the most☺☺

Her comfort food is crispy yet juicy fried chicken, and sometimes a bag of salty chips.

If those food part just could go on forever because i'm not into drinks, sorry😁

I could write topics about fried chickens lol

Please do😸 fried chickens is another way of life🍗🍗🍗

Welcome to Hive 🙌 I have temporarily delegated some RC to you, so that you can post and comment more :) If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me 👍

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Wow, thank you very much!

My pleasure 🙌 Are you familiar with Dreemport, by the way?

Not yet

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I hope you can maintain your streak, you could still do weekly blogging even with your hectic sched.

Happy Buzzing... 🐝

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