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RE: I am a Doctor of Natural Sciences now ! - This is my PhD Thesis

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First of all, thank you very much for your kind words. They mean a lot to me, more than I can express in just words 🤗 .. I am also glad that you took your time to read through all this text. I know that this must be a lot to digest but it is great that you found them interesting and that I succeded in transporting the information in a simple and understandable way 😉 .. I also applied to many universities already for a position as student laboratory supervisor, but unfortunately I am overqualified with a phd and they all rejected me because of this. In fact, gettin such a job in scientific education would have been a dream job for me 😁 .. Thank you @tarot911 🤗

Without a doubt you would be an extraordinary teacher, what a pity that for simply bureaucratic reasons you cannot work on it. For decades, science education has been an area that has lost strength, perhaps due to an excess of academicism or because of the prejudices of the population; which is unfortunate because Science is precious and valuable. I wish the best in the world for you and your family. A big hug.

Sin duda alguna serías un extraordinario profesor, que lástima que por cuestiones simplemente burocráticas no puedas trabajar en ello. Desde hace décadas la educación científica es un área que ha perdido fuerza, quizás por un exceso de academicismo o por prejucios de la población; lo cual es lamentable porque la Ciencia es preciosa y valiosa. Te deseo lo mejor del mundo para tí y tu familia. Un gran abrazo.