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RE: Does the Thalassemia Trait Protect Against SARS-COVID-19?

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I am so pleased to see you posted only yesterday my dear @agmoore :)
I was a little bit lost in terms of where to (re) start ? So, here I came. To your blog ....

We have come a long way in fighting this virus, and all the discoveries so far truly make me think that referring to COV-SARS-2 as a flu virus - as it is still the case in my home country - is just misleading. The content of your post is all new info to me. This is the first time I've heard of thalassemia (perhaps not surprisingly due to its low prevalence). And therefore, it is the first time I've heard about how this virus could be inhibited in such manner.

As always, informative, engaging and clear!
It is so great to take part in your blog once again my dear,
Much love,

Abigail :)


My dear @abigail-dantes,
I missed you, and worried about you. I am sorry to hear dangerous ignorance prevails there. What do those people believe is happening in India? Flu???

In New York we had a terrible time. It seems to be over, but I don't let down my guard. So much misinformation floating around.

It's wonderful to have your gentle, intelligent voice with me again. Please stay well my friend.

With warm affection,

It is so comforting to hear things are improving over there :) <3