Papaya and gourd are very good for the body

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is one of many types and raw vegetables in our world. Gourd is available in abundance. Gourd is actually a very useful vegetable for us. The more it is used, the colder the body will be. Gourd is very delicious to eat. Gourd curry is very delicious if properly Mymensingh and If it is cooked, it will benefit our body very much. Eating gourd is very beneficial for the body. The more gourd one eats, the more it will benefit the body. There are many varieties of gourd, one is pumpkin, one is pumpkin, the other is white gourd. Eating cools down our body heat and that's why we all should eat more gourds



Another thing is that papaya is available in our country in abundance. Eating papaya has more benefits. Meanwhile, we have many varieties of papaya. There are many varieties of papaya from hybrids to small and large. Many of them benefit us in this country. From papaya to raw papaya, we use it in curries. It is made as a curry, it contains a lot of vitamins and raw papaya is very good and beneficial for the body, so we should eat papaya first when the papaya is ripe, i.e. when it is young, the color of papaya is very beautiful and green and when it is full and ripe, the color of the stomach is more Having a beautiful and pleasant environment, the stomach becomes yellow in color, it looks very good and ripe papaya is very tasty to eat. Even if you eat ripe papaya, you can get many vitamins.



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