Let me name 3 fruits that work to prevent cold and cough

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It is said that if you get a cold in the month of Kartik, you don't want to go easily. After Kartik, Paush has arrived. New Year festival is ahead. Before the festival, it is important to stay healthy. Many people take vitamin C tablets to prevent colds and coughs. Can be kept on some fresh fruits rich in vitamin C. You can keep these fruits in your daily diet

Although oranges are a winter fruit, oranges are available in the market all year round. Oranges contain a large amount of vitamin C. Oranges not only prevent colds and coughs, but also control blood pressure.



Grapes Grapes are rich in Vitamin C Fiber and Vitamin A Grapes are mostly water Very low in calories Like oranges they prevent seasonal colds in advance.



Pear Fruit Rich in fiber, pears are very beneficial for good health, low in carbohydrate calories, regulate blood pressure and improve digestion.



Musambi is rich in Vitamin C. Musambi lemon removes harmful toxins from the body. It is very beneficial for constipation. Musambi juice is rich in fiber which helps to keep the body cool.

In fact, we do not know what kind of fruit works, what kind of post is in which fruit, what kind of fruit we need to eat to fill our vitamin deficiency, most of us know very little about these things. We can get any kind of vitamin from any fruit, we will fill the lack of vitamin, if we try to know a little about them, it will be possible to know everything, then we will all be well and good.


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