Virtual Reality and Learning: A perfect marriage

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When most people hear virtual reality, the first thing that comes to mind is gaming. However, there are tons of other uses of virtual reality including training and recruitment, sport, fashion, and even education. Virtual reality is an innovative tool. A breath of fresh air after the conventional, age-old learning methods.

It is surprising to find that despite the several technological advancements over the years, education and the way we teach have barely changed. Classes are still taught within the four walls of a classroom with textbooks as the main source of information. With virtual reality, simulations of the topics being taught and real-life scenarios enhance learning and retention.

Virtual reality also completely immerses a student into whatever lesson is being taught so that their attention remains focused solely on what they are being taught. Below are some reasons virtual reality is the way forward in terms of education.


The two words "virtual reality" completely sum up why virtual reality is so great for learning. Virtual means something unreal imagined. An unreal reality, something that one is not in touch with but at the same time, completely takes over your thoughts and grabs your attention. When a student uses a virtual reality device to view a lesson.

They are transported into the lesson while remaining in their exact position. This is why virtual reality is so useful. The complete immersion it creates allows one to learn virtually. For example, when doctors learn about virtual reality, they feel like they are performing actual surgeries. This will help them to learn better.

As they have performed actions related to what they will be doing in the future, they will be more confident and have better chances of being successful.

Great for retention

There is no better way to learn than to practice what you will be using the knowledge for. Due to the ability of virtual reality to transport a student into exact replicas of real-life scenarios, it is great for improving your retention skills. It is also easier to memorize or learn something that has been taught with visual aid.

This is because images help to create long-lasting memories than most other methods. The use of videos and pictures aids a learner's ability to retain information as they are more interactive. Most times, they are also brighter and more interesting than textbooks. Virtual reality uses all of these media to pass on information making it easier for learners to understand and retain what they have learned.

Better retention using virtual reality is also linked with our ability to remember things with little snapshots we have in our heads. It is common for students to recall information with its exact location in their textbooks. However, taking these snapshots with virtual reality is even easier as the information is mainly passed on visually

Improved creativity

As virtual reality will take you anywhere and everywhere, it is bound to boost your creativity in no time. If you are interested in science, you will be walked through the human body, taken on a tour through the solar system, and taught how petroleum is refined without leaving the classroom.

Virtual reality will take you into museums to behold the most profound form of art and take you on the wildest excursions in just a few hours. This feature of virtual reality that allows it to create just about any scenario will inspire any student and get rid of even the most severe forms of writer’s block. The excitement that virtual reality creates will make you want to learn more thereby improving your creativity.

Ironically, virtual reality will also make you more social. This is because when you learn new things that you consider fun or exciting, a lot of questions will spring into your mind out of nowhere leaving you wanting to share your thoughts and enabling you to have intelligent discussions.

Easy understanding

Have you ever tried reading a textbook about a subject you were not interested in? If you haven’t, believe me when I say it's absolute torture. However, it’s the opposite of virtual reality. You might even find yourself starting to gain interest in said topic. This is all because, with virtual reality, you are more likely to understand the topic.

With the use of videos and pictures and other visual aids, virtual reality can turn even the most mundane topic into something you will like to learn more about. As humans, we are usually more drawn towards things that are out of the ordinary.

This explains why virtual reality is so effective as it employs a method that provides information in short sections so that it does not become overwhelming. This also contributes to making the topic easier to understand.

Simplifies complex subjects

I have been trying to understand the arrangement of chemical atoms and molecules for quite a while. My inability to grasp this topic is directly linked to the fact that all the diagrams I have seen are on a two-dimensional plane while the molecules are arranged on a three-dimensional plane.

source: pixabay

This is the type of problem that has been eradicated by virtual reality. With virtual reality, everything you see is already on a three-dimensional plane so it will be much easier to see the angles between the molecules and determine their shapes. The three-dimensional nature of virtual reality enables it to make ordinary subjects and lessons come to life. This makes it much easier for students to comprehend subjects that they would usually find difficult.


Although age-old learning methods still work for teaching and learning, it is time to look at the future of education with innovative technology such as virtual reality on the frontline.

This will revolutionize how students absorb and retain information and will also make lessons much easier for teachers to coordinate.

With this, it is safe to say that as the world continues to evolve, education is evolving with it even if it seems a little slow on the uptake.



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