The Ultimate Game Changer: 5G and Internet of Things

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Technology is an aspect of life itself that will not cease to evolve. Over the years, we've seen notable advancements and cutting-edge innovations that have altered completely the conventional ways of doing things.

The world has seen four generations of mobile technology. It began with the first analog cell phones – 1G, before the much better 2G, and the third generation, 3G that enhanced the mobile tech better than the previous generation, and then 4G which posed faster connections and download.

Each generation enhanced mobile technology with revolutions that only got better. Currently, 5G and the internet of things have been making the rounds. These are two microtechnologies that are posing to be crucial world applications that would alter the 'almost impossible' in the world of mobile technology, with so many promising aspects to explore.

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Imagine a download speed 5 times faster than 4G? Intriguing right? That's in addition to its ability to send data to and from as many as a million devices per square kilometer. These devices are not just smartphones or computers, but vehicles, wearables, industrial sensors, and medical devices.

Well, there's more to the fifth generation of cellular mobile connections and the Internet of Things (IoT) than you already know. It's more than just a wireless tech and boosts for your phone.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is interestingly rising meteorically. Several factors take the credit for this rise and the development of 5G networks is no exception. According to a survey, the number of connected devices will skyrocket from 700 million to 3.2 billion in the year 2023.

The Internet of Things, already thriving, stands to gain a massive boost with the upcoming launch of the 5G networks. The fifth generation of mobile technology will go a long way towards refining the performance and reliability of the devices connected to the Internet of Things.

Here are some ways 5G and the IoT could impact and add value to industries, societies, and the world at large.

Reduced Cost And Revenue Streams for the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry stands to gain a great deal from 5G and the internet of things. Wondering how this is possible? I'll fill you in. 5G and the IoT have the propensity to enhance the manufacturing industry with potential features that will both reduce the cost of production and generate revenue from unique services. These cutting-edge micro technologies will enable the industry to design a slew of connected products and this will curate new services, previously unavailable, leading to the availability of revenue-generating products and services.

5G and Internet of Things, by enabling smart factories, will reduce energy consumption and boost production line efficiency to keep the manufacturing industry on the cost-saving side.

Smart City Networks

These impeccable innovations will open the world to unlimited opportunities for advancement in technology. 5G and IoT also possess the potential to create smart city networks where novel applications and services will be designed to the benefit of citizens. This is a city of IoT immensely powered by 5G that utilizes diverse types of sensors and electronic methods to garner data that are used to manage resources and assets in the urban area and to redefine operations across the state.

Connected Vehicles (V2V)

A 5G-powered IoT is capable of changing even the way we commute drastically as well as create more efficient and safer autonomous vehicles connected to IoT. It is expected to be a top use case in the application of 5G on IoT. This includes the capacity to deliver self-guiding autonomous vehicles and also create new services that can tell the health and performance of a vehicle with real-time data. Think of smart parking with 5G that spares you the hassles of finding a place to safely keep your vehicle, real-time weather forecasts to alert drivers to take note of unsafe driving conditions, and drastically lessen accidents.

Remote Healthcare

The healthcare system is not excluded from the potential impact of the 5G networks and IoT. With network speed synonymous with that of light and reduced latency, medical practitioners could reach and treat patients remotely without possible interruptions that could come from network blackouts, lag time, and disconnections. Every second is just as important as the life that needs to be saved. 5G technology will vaporize the borders restricting doctors from reaching patients in due time from anywhere in the globe.

According to a recent report from Market Research, the telemedicine sector is set to reach its true potential and could see exponential growth by over 16% annually by 2023. This is because an increase in demand for medical attention and services in rural and underserved areas is imminent and only 5G and IoT can provide prompt solutions. Through 5G, medical advancement is incalculable.


5G and the Internet of things are set to change lives and how we know it. With the power and limitless possibilities of 5G, ideas of new and innovative technologies that will help individuals live smarter, work better, and change history, are far from being exhausted. It is the most robust generation of wireless technology that the world has ever experienced. There are a ton of inventions to expect from the revolutionary 5G microtechnology.

Companies are rapidly adjusting to the innovative technology and racing to have the most seamless, fastest, and largest 5G network incorporated into the system of their firms. Leading countries are also in the competitive race to be the first in history to deploy fully functional nationwide 5G. Having all the benefits of the revolutionary technology to promote innovations and propel life-changing technologies that would forever go down in history. Businesses, infrastructure, defense applications, and consumers will bask in the 5G benefits.

5G poses to be a crucial driving force behind a game-changing IoT. With an increased speed which is almost 10 times faster than other LTE networks, IoT devices can communicate and share data almost at the speed of light. Practically every IoT device will leverage the 5G speed to improve life and various sectors of the economy.



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