The Co-evolution of Human Life and Technology

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Technology spearheads practically every of our life's activities. In other words, life itself banks on the endless potential of technology. Technology has impacted and revolutionized modern life in a rather too numerous to-be-counted way. Technological advancement is being applied in several sectors affecting our daily life. Seemingly, life and modern technology appear to move at similar paces. With each passing year, scientists and engineers discover yet another set of intriguing innovations that leaves the world in awe. But just before we delve into modern technology and life, with respect to what this article is about, let us look at what modern technology is exactly.

What Is Modern Technology?

The term needs little or no introduction at all if you ask me, However, for the benefit of our curiosity, modern technology simply talks about old technologies that have been advanced and reshaped with new modifications, distinct from the old, to make things easier than we ever imagined. The cars you see around, laptops, modern computers, and gadgets are all examples of modern technologies.

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So I see a couple of individuals asking how modern technology is changing lives and what effect it will have on how we will do things in the future. It is safe to say we are already living a part of the future of technology. Modern technology is everywhere. Just to put it out there. Think about it this way: When was the last time you saw some travel miles on a camel? Or the last time you turned over hundreds of pages to look up words in a dictionary? Technology has brought non-seen ease to life and modern technology is just about enhancing that ease and giving rise to complete convenience.

Ever-changing technology innovations seem to be the order of life itself. Some incredible technological advancements have proven to be worth their weight in gold. The world has witnessed the best modern technology yet. We can say modern technology changes how we perceive dependency and independence.

It is apparent that people find it pretty difficult to live without the application of technology. Technological devices such as mobile phones, computers, cars, and the likes have dominated an integral aspect of life and daily activities. This article is poised to give you a good idea of how far modern technology has changed life directly in different sectors and directly or indirectly in human's day-to-day activities.

In The Health Sector: Medicine seems to have the most application of modern technology. The health sector has seen major technological advancements and consistent growth in the field that have revolutionized the sector and offered tons of benefits, most of which have saved millions of lives, and improved so many others. Technology and medicine have gone hand in hand over the years. From smart health wearables and artificial organs to robotic surgery and telehealth, the health sector has embraced fascinating health technologies and allows unprecedented levels of accuracy, convenience, and timeliness.

In Education: From drastically changing how tutors deliver lessons to how students learn, modern technology has left a print in education that will remain for years to come. Modern technology has made education accessible to millions of students. It has modified learning and ushered in different methods of learning to suit different types of students. For instance, some students suffer from several learning disabilities but with tutors rapidly incorporating modern technology, learning for struggling learners would nott be a tall order. Gadgets like screen readers, talking calculators, and variable screen recorders among so many other assistive learning devices, all powered by modern technology, make learning accessible to special learners.

In The Transport System: The evolution of transportation owes its tremendous growth to the endless possibilities of technology. Modern technology has birthed fascinating innovations like electric and driverless cars poised to completely reshape the way we move. Modern technology in the transport system continues to hit new milestones as the industry sees more technological advances. The revolution is set to herald in an era of autonomous vehicles, lightweight vehicle materials, on-demand ride services(i.e Uber, which is already commonplace), and an entirely convenient transport system, nothing like any seen before.

In Agriculture: Modern technology is fast changing different industrial sectors and the agricultural sector is no exception. Agriculture today routinely employs modern technologies such as robots and drones, soil and crop sensors, to improve practices and enhance farming in general. Lots of technologically advanced equipment have massively evolved over the years. Sophisticated machinery is currently a norm in modern agriculture and agriculture is nothing like what it used to be years ago.

In The Manufacturing Industry: Modern technology is redefining the manufacturing industry. Complex machinery powered by modern technology is rapidly reshaping mass production. Modern technology is having a disruptive impact on the manufacturing industry. The use of various tech-inspired manufacturing methods with sophisticated technological developments has proven to have limitless potentials that will make the manufacturing industry cheaper, more efficient, and autonomous.

As the application of technology continues to pervade our lives, various industrial sectors, and how we do things, we can clearly notice the revolution is just beginning. Scientists and engineers discover new technologies on a daily basis. There is a slew of technological innovations yet to be known and that only spells one thing – the future is technology.

Life And Modern Technology

When observed closely, modern technology is playing a crucial role in our lives at a degree higher than expected. Think about it this way: When was the last time you communicated with someone states away from you without a mobile device? Or the last time you saw any sector using conventional tools in place of modern technological equipment? It only shows how much impact modern technology has on life. Modern technology has paved the way for a faster, better, enhanced, and easier life.

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We can say that modern technology has improved the overall quality of life. It is a crucial factor of life and will remain so for a long time. Let's consider the amount of information within our reach, cost efficiency, easy communication, and mobility, seamless operations in industries, improved learning styles, and countless benefits modern technology brings to a world formerly confined in a conventional system. By revolutionizing how we work, play, and live our lives, advancement in technology has greatly improved almost every aspect of life and as for the future of modern technology and life, we can only anticipate the best that is yet to come.



Technology is an enabler of human progress. If we use it properly, we can make leap and bounds for humanity. !discovery 15

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