Information and Communication Technology: A sneak-peek into the future

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You just got into your compound by riding driverless in a Tesla and on getting to the entrance of your house, the door opens at your voice command. You enter the house, everywhere is pitch-dark and with your voice command, the entire apartment becomes flooded with light. You need to fill a cup with water from your kitchen tap and all you need to do is leave an instruction and the tap automatically comes on to fill the cup. You need some cool music to relax and the music comes on following your voice command. Now, stop imagining because all the mentioned features are already a reality. Thanks to information and communication technology (ICT).

Novel technologies have become of significant relevance with several branches to explore and endless potentials pervading our lives in unimaginable ways. We basically carry out the majority of life's activities utilizing technology. From communicating with friends and family miles away from us, commuting to work, to learning about new discoveries, technology happens to be the driving force that spearheads virtually everything we do. One branch of technology poised to impact our lives greatly particularly in the near future after a couple of technological advancements is none other than ICT.


Information and communication technology poses an extensive and broader term of information technology. As a crucial branch of emerging technology, ICT refers to every communication technology there is in the world today including the vast virtual communication space which is the Internet, wireless networks and communication, social networking and media applications, cell phones, and smart devices, computers and software applications, as well as every single media applications and IT services involved in accessing, storing, transferring, and retrieving, and even manipulating information in a digital mode. Information and Communication Technology is the reason we can access information through telecommunication.

It is safe to say that information and communication technologies are an effective way to bridge the gap between conventional systems and the digital world. The value of ICT is interestingly important and its applications are rapidly spreading across diverse sectors of the economy. Constant development and improvements suggest that ICT as a fast-rising aspect of technology will only make our lives better. The world is engulfed in the potentials and novel and cutting-edge technologies. ICT services are utilized as a powerful tool used to facilitate both social and economic development in countries across the globe.

Major applications of information and communication technology can be seen in how we communicate, process, and manage information and how we control certain ICT-related equipment, a good example is automated homes that I highlighted earlier. Leveraging the potentials of ICT, information is communicated from place to place. Chances are you use ICT every day and might not consider it a thing. From receiving and sending emails and text messages, audio and video conferencing, receiving and making phone calls, to chatting and instant messages, we would not be wrong if we say that there are tons of things we would not be able to do if there wasn't a thing like information and communication technology.

There has been a rising debate about how far ICT can go. Would it be flipped over by a more novel technological innovation over the next couple of years or would it remain king of all information and communication processes? Apparently, ICT is considerably enormous and can not be confined to a centralized system or anything of that sort. How data and information are being stored, restored, manipulated, is a result of ICT. Equipment used in aircraft, ships, and even the very famous automated teller machines (ATMs) we see around owe ICT the credits for perfect timing and control that monitors and reports the status of equipment.


An automated cleaning system. Source: flickr

What Does the Future Holds?

With what we have witnessed so far with ICT, one would be tempted to say that we have seen it all. However, it is suffice to say, the future seems even more promising. As ICT pervades and connects to more aspects of our lives and our activities, it will be a significant part of our future. This branch of technology is constantly evolving and will be developed and modified into an innovation that will revolutionize our world. The future of ICT poses a great deal that can not be ignored. Facets of activities that involve creativity, personal growth, training, entertainment, and other areas of technology employ ICT.

A sneak peek into the distant future of information and communication technology would reveal the most thought-provoking and astonishing intentions we would never ordinarily think of. Have you imagined what it would seem like if it were possible to communicate with your mind? Now, this has absolutely nothing to do with the yoga meditations you know of. It refers to the possibility of talking to someone by sending your thoughts using a specific network into someone else's brain. How fascinating! The future of ICT will exceed our imaginations and it could prove to us that our thoughts and expectations of what the future of ICT holds did not scratch the surface. While we might seem years away from realizing this future, let's bear in mind that ICT is evolving at a very rapid pace. The next innovation could be more awe-inspiring than the previous.

Scientists are working on a recent technological innovation. Although it is still far-fetched and yet to be comprehended, it is aimed at making it feasible for individuals to store data and carry out every other information process by transmitting their thoughts directly to a computer with the help of brain-computer interfaces. Scientists are also proposing a future that will allow people to communicate, manipulate, send, and receive data using certain body implants and holograms. The possibilities might just be more than we think.

There is no doubt that the future looks eerily exciting!



Hi, @aamin your post reveals what ICT has given and is yet to offer. Events that we have among us as users of the different applications. Thank you.

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I don’t think anything is too far-fetched anymore with regard to tech.

I agree. Technology makes everything possible. Imagine where would be in the next 50 years.