Between Artificial and Natural Intelligence

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A few weeks ago, I published an article explaining what artificial intelligence is and how it has been and still is, revolutionizing human lives. Today, I will be following up on the post by juxtaposing artificial and natural intelligence, also known as human intelligence.

There is no doubt that the rise of artificial intelligence is bringing ease to man. Over the next decade, advances in artificial intelligence could make industries better and possibly vaporize the productivity of man in various ways – AI has the tendency to redefine what it feels like to be humans, to work with humans, and exercise free will over certain things.

Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly set to augment human capacity in diverse sectors. Advances in technology could completely alter and disrupt eons-old human activities, whilst heralding a new normal that the world at some point will embrace and generally accept. In order words, artificial intelligence will offer the human race a wide range of possibilities that will include amplifying the effectiveness of man in productivity and also pose a threat to human autonomy, agencies, and capabilities.

According to research, computers possess the propensity to match up to and exceed human intelligence on the simplest and even more complex tasks such as making decisions, learning, complex analytics, language translations, speech recognition, learning, and reasoning. However, many have their concerns raised above the bar about how artificial intelligence can affect man in unprecedented ways.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence simply refers to a fascinating branch of computer science that focuses on building and designing machines that are capable of working and handling tasks like humans. In comprehensive terms, this branch of science has to do with the creation of smart machines that can do a wide range of tasking jobs that require human intelligence and tactics. It is an interdisciplinary branch of science that leverages theories, concepts, and tools from numerous fields like computer science, cognitive science, linguistics, psychology, neuroscience, and even mathematics and statistics.

As against the will of many sectors and industries across the globe, artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming a progressive revolution that would in the near future dominate the conventional way of work and labor. It might interest you to know that a good number of sectors are starting to adopt artificial intelligence, the health, and education sector especially. This branch of science is interestingly evolving and being integrated into several areas of research and development. But, what does it have to offer man?

Advantages Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is set to exceed the limits of man's capabilities and machine-enabled operations. Artificial intelligence is a cutting-edge technology that will not render human resources obsolete as feared by many individuals. It is, therefore, safe to say that AI will bolster human abilities, aid effectiveness in executing tasks, and enable organizations to bask in the superfluity of having free resources to handle more complex levels of tasks.

AI is one technology that has several benefits to offer humans. AI makes it possible to execute complex tasks without significant cost outlays. It also takes less time to complete tasks, unlike humans that might need to go on break or take some hours off to rest. AI doesn't require breaks. AI enables multitasking in the workspace and aids in eased workload for existing laborers. In addition, owing to its mass-market potential, AI can be deployed across several industries. Work processes, human abilities, and efficiency will only be better.

Will Artificial Intelligence Outperform Human Intelligence?

This is one question that has stirred up controversy and given rise to countless debates on the possibilities of artificial intelligence outperforming human intelligence. In the real sense, artificial intelligence can not surpass human intelligence. They were designed by humans after all. However, AI can revolutionize a couple of aspects and possibly replace human activities. For example, artificial intelligence is fast becoming a part of health diagnostics. It aids accuracy in detecting ailments and reducing human error. Currently, smart technology outperforms medical practitioners in developing countries when it comes to diagnosing cancers and reducing false results by almost 3%.

The Future Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The future of artificial intelligence remains uncertain. But that doesn't put a cap on the endless possibilities that will spring up from the innovative creation. Tech gurus are on a discovery spree to modify and broaden the horizons of existing technologies. The production of smart devices and machines are is from coming to an end. This simply means the future of artificial intelligence, although uncertain, holds a lot of potentials that would spearhead the growth and adoption of the technology.

As the main driver of emerging technologies, the future of AI is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. It is unarguably the future of virtually every industry and is the technological innovator for the unforeseen future. The impact of AI can be seen everywhere. From smart wearables to robotic surgeons performing the most complex and accurate surgeries ever done, artificial intelligence is difficult to ignore. It suggests a future of ease, convenience, increased productivity, and enhanced living.

Artificial Intelligence And Man

Smart machines powered by artificial intelligence will work alongside humans to perform a specific range of tasks. In the manufacturing industry, robots work with humans to carry out tasks such as stacking and assembling, amongst a slew of others to keep the workflow running smoothly. Autonomous vehicles are not left out of the AI-powered machines that will work with man and for man. Although such vehicles might take a couple of decades to dominate a certain part of the world, it is a technological advancement that almost everyone is looking out for.


Take computers, for instance, these devices are indispensable. They will solve all problems known to the human race as technology advances. AI-powered machines could turn out to become man's best friends, advisors, and caretakers over time. With AI, man could accurately denote the future, based on data and high-level analytics using AI-powered devices. Artificial Intelligence coexisting with a man will enhance man's perception of technology.

AI occupies the center stage in the tech industry and doesn't seem like it would cede the spotlight come what may. We can only anticipate a mind-boggling future saturated with technology acceleration that would be led by artificial intelligence.



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