We are thinking about buying heating blankets, and a huge thank you to @melinda010100 - #MarketFriday on Saturday (2023.01.14)

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#MarketFriday by @dswigle.

This is my first Market Friday post in 2023.

Why are we thinking about buying heating blankets?

Because we cannot afford to buy wood to heat the room, and we also cannot afford to buy and use a proper (at least 2000 Watt) electric heater in long term. Both of these because of the increased prices in the past. So currently we are simply thinking about deciding not to heat the room, and we are thinking about buying heating blankets to heat our beds instead of the room.

Living in poverty and the increased prices forces us to extreme decisions.

Of course this would mean staying in bed in most of the day in the cold winter days, but this is still better than starving, or freezing to death. We try to get the best out of the situation.

Today we saw an Esperanza heating blanket in the Interspar (a Hypermarket) in Szolnok, Hungary.

Price, energy consumption, good reviews

This heating blanket would cost 8999 Hungarian Forint (HUF). This is currently $24.63 USD, because $1 USD is currently 365.39 Hungarian Forint (HUF). Of course we (my brother and me) would need two of these blankets, so that would cost the twice of this price, and the maximum power consumption of the two heating blankets would be 120 Watt. This is still affordable in long term.

This heating blanket has three temperature settings, and the maximum power is 60 Watts, so it is not consuming much electricity. It is affordable in long term. We talked to some of the locals in Tiszasüly, Hungary about heating blankets, and one of them said that she is using a heating blanket, instead of heating the house.

We also checked the reviews on the internet too, and this heating blanket has good reviews.

So we have multiple reasons to buy it.

We have not bought the heating blankets so far, but we seriously thinking about it. Currently we do not see any other possible option to survive the freezing temperatures.

Probably we will buy it in the near future.

Recent gifts from the Hive community

Thank you so much to @melinda010100 for the 10 Hive gift in the recent past. 5 Hive today and another 5 Hive two days ago (2023.01.12). We are very grateful for your kindness/generosity.

Thank you so much for the help/support Melinda.

We are really grateful for every help/support.

Have a nice day and have a nice weekend.
All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.


I've found that a really good fleece or down blanket with a thermal pad does a better job keeping me warm than electric blankets. Good blankets do not create a dependency on the power grid.

Electic blankets also have health and safety risks ... especially used ones. Good blankets are a better investment than electric ones.

When I am having problems getting warm, I do things like heat water (or rocks) on the stove or in an oven.

By thermal pad, I just mean bedding that is sufficient to insulate a person from the ground. Most beds suffice.


Electic blankets also have health and safety risks

I have not read this about it so far. I have read many reviews, and most people are satisfied with it.

I would use electric heating blankets to keep myself warm, when the temperature go around/below 0 °C. I would use this instead of room heating, because I cannot afford to buy wood to heat the room, and I cannot afford to run a high powered (around 2000 Watt) electric heater either.

Are you using the blanket for sleeping or are you using it for sitting around during the day?

It is generally better to use a warm blanket for sleeping than an electric blanket.

My father used an electric blanket in the last years of his life. The store that sold the blankets warned us to turn the blanket off before he went to sleep because electric blankets can affect one's metabolism.

Being baked by electric coils all night long is not a good thing. It messes with the metabolism.

Old electric blankets have been known to catch bedding on fire.

Local stores in the US carry affordable sleeping bags and blankets rated to -20°C. I've slept outside on nights well below freezing with a good sleeping bag.

The new artificial fleece blankets are wonderful. The room where I sleep drops to 45°F (7° celsius) every night.

I use an artificial-fleece blanket and stay warm.

I prefer the fleece blanket to the sleeping bag as it is easier to wash.

As for heating a room on a budget. I like to bake bread and an occasional pie.

Are you using the blanket for sleeping or are you using it for sitting around during the day?

Two or three days later I will do both, because we will run out of wood. I will "hide" under the blanket(s).

Local stores in the US carry affordable sleeping bags and blankets rated to -20°C. I've slept outside on nights well below freezing with a good sleeping bag.

I checked a few sleeping bags in the local stores, but they are very expensive. The sleeping bags rated to -10 °C is around 30 000 Hungarian Forint (HUF), which is currently $81.36 USD, because $1 USD is currently 368.71 Hungarian Forint (HUF). I cannot afford it. And the sleeping bags rated to colder temperatures are much more expensive.

I prefer the fleece blanket to the sleeping bag as it is easier to wash.

Those are similarly expensive. Probably I will use multiple blankets to stay warm.

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Electric blankets are a good idea! I have one too. It's never a bad thing to save money. I usually turn the blanket on a few minutes (maybe 10) before going to bed and then it is all toasty warm when I get in. I turn it off after a minute or two or I would get too hot. You will want to turn it off/down. You will figure out what is best for you when you get it.

I like the research you did on it and the cost analysis. I am sure you will get good use out of it, and perhaps find it on sale as it is well into winter. They need to sell them soon or they will be stuck with them.

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