An Apple A Day on a Market Friday

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Of course we had to try the camera out first thing lol.

Unboxing any Apple product is a real treat. Essentially it is a strip tease where the latest and greatest tech is perfectly placed in the most thoughtful of packaging where the unwrapping is half the fun! 😀

When one thinks of buying any Apple product, immediately dollar signs start to flash and thoughts in the four figures instantly come to mind. However, almost unbelievably this not so little iPad was only 300 bucks! Sporting a 10 inch screen and 64 GB, its not too shabby at all!!!


Now I am basically a dinosaur and prefer to do most internet/computer related stuff on the PC. However slowly I have grown to appreciate the versatility and usefulness of the much smaller and easily portable phone. Yet there is also room for a happy medium...thus enter the iPad. I find it perfect for bed browsing and reading on. Basically the size of a familiar book, not too big and not too small.


One of the sweetest things about dealing with Apple is the generous amount that you can sell your old Apple merchandise for back to Apple. I have an old iPad Mini 4 that Apple is going to give me about 100 bucks for. Hey now that means my new iPad is a steal at 200 bucks, right?


A special thanks going out to @dswigle coz she puts so much effort in trying to make Market Friday an enjoyable success every week!


Is that a flying saucer or only a recessed light on the ceiling lol.


I am happy to see they still included a charger and cord.


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Congratulations on your super deal! I am sure you will enjoy it and I think reading the morning news just got a little bit easier. It didn't hurt to get that $100 bonus for turning in your old mini.

It is like a kindle on steroids! :)

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Indeed and I do prefer to support an American company especially with the way the world is nowadays as opposed to Samsung.

That is awesome! Kudos to you!

My husband swears by his iPad. It was the thing that finally got him to give up his printed newspaper. He uses the iPad for news, crossword puzzles and everything!

Happy Market Frida!

For us older book generation folk, I think the size makes it a good balance between too small like a phone but comfortably handy to use and see.

Yes Happy Market Friday and have a great weekend!

Congrats on the deal and your new iPad! Everyone in my family has Apple technology except me. It's okay though. I'll stick with Samsung android smartphones cause if their exceptional cameras. Confession. I do have an iPad but don't use it @old-guy-photos 📸

Happy Saturday, Paul!🌙☀️💫

The apple ipad is the best out there. Congrats on your new arrival they sure do make things so much easier.

Sound like you got a really good deal.

I don't have any apple stuff. I am not against it though.

I have been wanting a tablet and from time to time I look around and then never make up my mind. One day though.... one day.