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Hello Hive

This is one area of science that interest me the most.
Making and selling new electronics and gadgets to meets our needs.

Overtime there has been huge scientific breakthrough in terms of evolution and improvement of these gadgets.

We can see the shift in tech of different items from mobile phones to other electronics and electrical devices. Even the simplest light bulbs have been modified to new attractive and better function light generating devices.

These items are shipped to different countries according to their kind of needs for instance in Nigeria, having a stable electricity is a major problems so we find electrical items like generators, mobile phones power banks and the likes.

Now we have battery run handfans, rechargeable fans and torchlight in large quantities.

I visited an electronics shop yesterday to purchase some items I was in dare need of.

I bought a power bank for my mobile device as I need to stay online often to catch up with happenings around here and the power supply has been very very poor.

We get only 2-3 hours maximum daily light which may even go off for weeks or months without an explanation for damage or any fault.

At least with a the power bank I will have an extra energy reserve for my phone.

I also got an hand torch light that I could use during the night in the house.

Both items cost me $17, I needed the torch so badly as I can't afford a bigger reading lamb yet.

Sooner than later I wish and desire that we have more solar devices that will be affordable to family so we can meet with our electrical needs.

For instance my industrial sewing machine needs electricity for me to power on and work with it if only there would be a solar device with enough capacity to carry my machine, I wouldn't have to bother or wait for days to sew with my machine.

Here are the view in the electronic shop and some the items been sold.


Cables torchilights USD cords, Otg abd lots more.


Here is a table top rechargeable fan



The power bank of oraimo product I bought with a portable torch light.



Light bulbs Bluetooth speakers and other devices available










I hope that sooner we all meet our electronics and technical needs with ease.



Wouldn't that be nice? I have been looking at building a house, in my near future that is self-sufficient. The world is in such a state with rolling blackouts and interrupting power. We don't have a problem right now, but, I do not trust for it to not happen.

I cannot imagine not having power at times or having devices so you can see. I was thinking at one time that you did a lot of sewing. Your post has given me the incentive to keep pressing forward and try to make this come true.

This was an interesting post bringing these things to light (no pun intended) and showing that people CAN live without things and still manage nicely. This was a great post!

This was simply such a delightful post. A wonderfully put-together #MarketFriday. I appreciate how much effort you put into making #MarketFriday a success! It is such a wonderful feeling to have so many, yourself included working to make this tag a success. You have made it fun to visit your post and each different person adds a unique touch to their posts. It is interesting to see the different cultures in our little world. It opens up my world, and, I hope yours too. Thank you so much for being a part of all this. I hope you have a most wonderful day! Hive on!!

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