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RE: One I got another brother

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I hate printers. I absolutely hate the, for all the reasons you specify. Wireless printers? Those I outright loathe.

Even after finally getting them set up the moody little bastards will semi-routinely decide not to print, or connect, or do anything, because of fuck you, really. There's no good reason for it. They're exercise for the heart as anger rises and blood pressure sky rockets, either cleaning out the arteries completely or threatening to blow your head right off your neck.

Good luck with the Brother! If you decide to use it as a shooting target, take pictures!


I know right? What the fuck is going on with these things?

That blood pressure comment...It took me back to the exact feeling when that Epson unit was doing it's thing, or not doing it's thing depending how one looks at it. It wasn't my finest hour.

If my brother gets shot I'll video the whole thing. 😊