The Little Dino that did not inspire Hypersensitivosaurus


This little fellow came out of the rosemary bush to take a peak at my vegetable soup and freshly made roti / chapatis with mango and cheese ( which is, according to my Indian friend @inuke , "a combination I believe no indian ever tried". It was my first try and it surely tasted good.


This tiny lizard was smaller and thinner than my pink and it re-appeared half an hour or so later, when I entered that part of the garden again. It‘s pretty cute and there’s quite a lot of these little dinos here - a clear sign ( together with the numerous insects and birds ) that this land is pretty fertile.

Yesterday, a friend came over and figured out that the main reason my laptop won’t start is the 🔌 I thought it was a connection problem ( inside ) between the laptop and charger but this was helpful.

We went into town, but were unable to find the right charger for a four year old Lenovo. Eventually he ordered one ( as well as a wooden backgammon / checkers / chess set that I gifted him for his help ) and I hope to receive it very soon.

I have been 6 days without a laptop and this digital detox - unlike a recent planned dd ; I wrote down my findings here - was unplanned. Plus, I now spend double the time on my tiny 4 year old phone whose battery drains way too quickly. I also can’t access most of my crypto right now but it was reassuring to find out that I had backed up all keys and passwords.

Other cool consequences of this unplanned time without a laptop are that I discovered that I want to treat myself to a Raspberry Pi a nerdy little robot / computer in a keyboard that will surely awaken the little kid inside of me. Haven’t ordered one yet ( will need crypto access for that ) but I have done quite a lot of research and am liking what I’ve seen so far.

Aside from all this, I received a new lamp for my movie projector and managed to replace the old one. It seems to work well. Couldn’t watch a movie with it yet as I will need a charged laptop for that.

Talking about films, I had a long talk about movies with @inuke yesterday and told him that I’ll probably do a XTRO trilogy movie review to test out the #cinetcv community soon. Will need to watch XTRO 3 first though ( and preferably not on my phone ). I also found two cool movie podcasts: "The Scaredy Cats Horror Show" and one that I still need to give a listen but seems fun: "How Did This Get Made?"

I’m gonna end it here now as my way-larger-than-phone-keyboard sized fingers are sweaty from my heated phone.

End of ran(t)dom post.

Have a good one!✨


That’s a fun little companion you have there! He wanted to try that concoction you made that your friend says is great, just a nibble!

It’s tough having the detox being forced on you like that but at the same time it’s great! We all need time away. Thankfully you have your information backed up just in case anything worse goes down.

This sure was a curious little fellow :<)

Detox is still going on and I almost lost my phone too ( two nights ago ). Will try to write a blog post about that today.

It helps that I'm pretty mindful these days and can always see the positives.

Nice reptilian roti action! I love the CINETV, definitely have some ideas planned for it. My daughters did a Police Academy 3 Review that was a hit. That community is growing astonishingly fast.

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sometimes the universe has to force a detox on us and still we find ways to get our fix somewhere ahahaha <3

Hahaha! Indeed. Good vibes right back at ya!

The tiny skinkosaurus is so cute! XD

I can imagine Nukey saying that in a really heavy accent but I have no idea if the head voice I have for him is even within the realm of accurate XD

Good luck with the charger and all :)

The tiny skinkosaurus is so cute! XD

I read stinkosaurus, at first :<)

I have heard @inuke ‘s voice plenty of times and am by now so used to his accent that I don’t hear it any longer. The first time I heard him talking I thought he was impersonating a stereotype Indian guy ( whatever that is ) as he’s kind of an actor / joker too.

Actually, I do it sometimes when trying to be funny.
Now imagine this.
"Helllloooo.. Itt iij shoooo nicsh tto meett you..."
And the head bobbing is true..


I simultaneously can't read that very well and can hear it perfectly well XD

Sometimes there's reasons for stereotypes XD

The head voice I have for most people is probably not at all what they sound like hahaha.

That's commonly the case though right XD

Hahaha! Gotta love our brains, at times!

How did this get made is great. Haven’t listened in a long time but I remember enjoying the content. Good lick with the charger.

I don't plan to lick it ( let alone when it's charging ) but thank you. Looking forward to giving that show a listen! Cheers!