And then I dropped my phone in the toilet...


What follows is a continuation of backup backup backup - day 10 without a functioning laptop where I talk about my laptop giving me a hard time.

Two days ago, about an hour after I learnt from my handyman / repair guy friend that my laptop‘s harddisk had gone to harddisk heaven, something unexpected happened when I was about to go for a pee...

I lifted the toilet seat and - having to bend over for this - my not-so-smart-phone slid out of my vest’s pocket and took a dive into the loo.

It seemed okay, at first, after fishing it out.

I thanked the universe for not having to fish it out of the toilet after having gone for a pee. Or - even worse - after a number 2 ( rhymes with... )

And then, not much later, my screen started acting up.

This stressed me out a little, as I realized that my crypto (key) back ups were among my iPhone‘s photographs ( as I told in that recent post )

After chatting with family about all this, I decided to switch off my phone and put it in a bowl of dry rice.

It has probably spent almost 24 hours in there, since the day before yesterday and it’s doing better.

It was tough though, as it’s my only access to the outside world ( now my laptop is out of order ) and I‘m living by myself in a pretty isolated area and without a car.


Also, I was close to winning a chess game against @inuke so I didn’t really want to put my phone away.

More on chess games and how I integrated that in my dino writing can be found in my recent A chess game, a wolf, a raptor and oatmeal pancakes write up

To make a long story short(er), my phone is still working but all of this - combined with my laptop issues - made me think even more of backing up my important stuff ( preferably offline), as well as of having backup devices.

I don’t want to be too much of a consumer though and am considering secondhand options for both laptop and phone as well as actually getting another harddisk for my laptop ( to keep using it for crypto stuff and as a media center connected to my movie projector ) and seeing if my phone can be saved.

It kind of sucks that it might need a new battery once again though ( I replaced the original in November 2019 and my phone is from March 2017 ) , it’s draining way too fast. Not sure what to do yet...

From Friday onward, I will borrow my awesome and always helpful twin sister’s secondhand ( and only ) laptop for a bit.

I plan to use it to do some research on a replacement phone ( if I can’t find a used one ), probably get another harddisk for my laptop and, more importantly, arrange some crypto stuff ( double check backups ), sell a bunch of coins to do all of the above.

Interesting times, to say the least ( and I’m not even talking about the soap my future housing situation is turning into ( fingers crossed for all of that to go well ) ;<)

All of the above tech issues also led to what might be an interesting development in my writing process. I will save that for another post though ;<)

Lunch time. I hope you’re all well. Sending you a big hug and good vibes from Central Portugal,



I had never understood being able to drop phones into toilets, then realised mine has yet to be in a pocket where it would be able to sliude out like that XD

Good luck with replacements, hope you have better luck with second hand gear than I do :D

Yeah, it was the perfect pocket for that. Now my phone stopped charging. More on that in my reply to cmplxty ´s comment.

I´ll survive.

Oh no, I'm so sorry to read about this. But you seem so calm 🙂 Does this mean that you have lost some crypto that was stored on your laptop? I like your idea of looking into second-hand options, shouldn't be so hard to find I imagine, people buy new phones all the time. I got my mom a used iPhone some years ago that worked fine.

It‘s okay. I think I got most keys backed up. Will find this out soon, after my sister has brought me her laptop ( tomorrow ). And yeah, I want to get rid of the 'bad' ( Western? ) mentality of buying new machines and dumping the 'old' ones every couple of years


oh, I guess you've been pretty lucky that the phone still works! Great to hear that there are chances for another laptop to at least sort things out... all the best!

Today my phone stopped working, charging haha. More on that in replies to other comments on this post haha

ah that really sucks @vincentnijman!
What a bunch of bad luck with the hard disk and then the phone..
hopefully the phone will recover fully after a rice bath :)
I've had mine fall in the toilet as well and rice combined with patience solved it all!

It stopped charging this morning. More info in replies to comments on this post haha. I guess patience isn´t enough here but I´m sure tested in staying calm in stressful situations and am managing fairly well. I guess I´ve leveled up :>)

You defo have leveled up in that case. I can relate to it as well, some years ago, I'd freak out if that would happen to me and I was without phone. Nowadays I'd respond calm like yourself and manage anyway.

The solution will come to you <3

But have to talk to your phone maybe it is no longer happy being there.
You've been abusing your phone. Maybe that is the reason the phone tried to end it.

Sorry for being dark my friend. This is not a fun situation.
It is probably my inner demon who is pissed for getting my butt kicked in chess.

Here's a motivation beam to charge you up...

Motivation Beam

Hahahahaha! It’s okay man you made me laugh :<)

Ah, that's bad :/
And again parallels to our life here, our phone also just gave up. It stopped working and just makes funny blinking lights when we try to start it. It's not too bad, for our laptops still do work. But we only were in contact to the owner of the house we're sitting via whatsapp on that phone ^^ And also I can't take photos anymore now, which makes me quite sad.
I really hope your phone recovers, I'll keep the rice advice in my mind for sure!

I often feel many of us live in parallel universes (even more since many are isolated due to the thing and we can´t really meet up physically). This morning, my phone stopped charging. I´m typing this from my sister´s laptop. It´s tough, as I realize that I need my phone to generate codes for most apps I use on my laptop (even for email and discord). Right now, I can´t sell any crypto at all and this happened just after I got most crypto wallets set up again (yesterday night) on my sister´s laptop. I´ll find a way for sure haha.

Enjoy your weekend!

Hi @vincentnijman, apologies for the downvotes. My anti-farming feature got abused. Here you can find more details. Take care

It’s okay. This hardly phased me. I appreciate your message though. Have a nice day!

Life lesson: don’t keep your phone in your shirt pocket lol.

The only pocket my phone usually sits in is my back pocket of my jeans since it’s a bit tighter on my ass so I don’t lose it. Plus it’s away from the jewels so they don’t get radiation. The radiation from phones is no joke, best to keep them away if you can, especially your chest area.

Another thing you should do is write down those keys on a piece of paper!! You must have a secure location in your apartment somewhere that you can keep them safe.

Today my phone stopped charging entirely (following my laptop). It might just be the charger but that´s what I thought or hoped when my laptop stopped charging weeks ago. I´m typing this from my twin sister´s laptop, that I´m borrowing from her since yesterday night. Things keep getting more interesting... I do write crypto stuff on paper and I have a place where I store this it´s just hard to keep up and I´m moving every couple of months. I´m learning so many lessons these days and try to laugh back at the Universe haha