These Few Days...

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Why must everything try to hold one to ransom at once?


After more than eight months of federal university lecturers’ strike in the country, I have finally gotten back to school. This occurred even though I still took a 1-week holiday more before resuming, you know, maybe I was not that serious like before but I’ll definitely try to fit some things in. I wrote a comedic post about how my school added somewhat an extension even when others schools resumed immediately. My school did take a chill pill. Well, that is not really the problem.

Now, the release of the new academic calendar by my school has triggered a chain reaction. That same week, a case of theft happened in our area which somehow was connected to a transformer. This implied no power till I left home and I am not sure that may be resolved this year. And you know, there is nothing more painful than seeing your (area) neighbours have a power supply and you don’t – that hurts more than heartbreak. So, I had to resort to doing my work by getting fuel for the generator but that was not the end.

Barely a day after the incident, I got fuel and engine oil for the generator. Only for the generator to refuse to start, I had to literally beg the generator to start. You know, my efforts to get these things must not be in vain. I called our generator mechanic to come to fix it. The mechanic’s report broke everything. He said the engine had knocked. How? When? Why must it be now of all times - after the transformer issue and I got fuel and all...

I had to step back and rethink my life. Basically, in my country, most people are able to settle down to think about their lives where power is absent. I resolved to the fact that I needed to resume without further ado. School, here I come..!

School, after the law, is no respecter of persons. Can you imagine? Against (students) popular opinions, some serious lecturers have started conducting lectures and even giving out assignments. I mean, who does that? In the first/second week? Well, I know it's their job but they are kind of taking it farther than we wanted them. Things are now getting choked up. They could not even take things easy considering the fact that we just came back after 8 months of doing nothing academically.

But what shall the son of man do than to survive? Now, I have got to buckle down twice as normal and beseech the spirit of "studentship" to engulf me. I hope my rants are normal..


I feel for you really, you just try and do your best, I'm pretty sure you will find a way to adjust to the school system soon.

Thank you, mama. Of course, I will just try to find ways around things. I guess that is one major feature of humans - we always adapt and survive! 💪

Definitely some challenging times for us! Sorry that there was a few things that piled up but hopefully that’s it so you don’t have any more crap to deal with!

Yeah... I guess I just have to deal with them to have less crap per time. Thank you.

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you, @ecency 😁

is nothing more painful than seeing your (area) neighbours have a power supply and you don’t

This is quite true. We prefer everyone not having to a few.

Back to back issues. I'm sorry you're going through this. Our lecturers don't have chill. You'll adjust, or not. But I wish you well.

We prefer everyone not having to a few.

Honestly...! 😅 But what can one do? I left home to school already but we will survive at last!

This has been the case for almost federal university,with the salaries of these lecturers not complete paid,they are not leaving no stone untouched. I'm also overwhelmed with the workload but as a student you need to fit in..