Lost Bravery

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It was good while it lasted, but now there is an internal crackdown on "personal" installations on company PCs, which means that I may force me to remove Brave Browser, which is the only browser I use for crypto stuff. This would be very, very annoying, as I would then have to move to Chrome or Firefox, and I don't want to use either. I get it though, as it is an IT B2B company that works with high-profile and highly security-conscious clients, so having control over what people are using and mitigating security risks is important.

Still annoying.

I am trying to argue to keep my installs.


Ultimately though, I know it is a losing battle, because as the company grows, so does the variation in employee skill, function and risk. For example, about a year ago they implemented a gamified email system that simulates Phishing content and gives people a chance to "catch and report" it. Apparently, there has been quite a few failures. I haven't been caught out yet I believe, but I admit that I have come close on one occasion, before catching it - I was on mobile.

WhatsApp is gone.

Desktop version at least. Now I have to use the web client. Again, I get this, but it is less efficient moving across the million browser windows I have open, than having often used applications available in the taskbar. Using MS Teams is good for some kinds of communication, but not for all.

Also, I think that "personal use" should be considered as legitimate usage, especially for those who are working remotely or travelling away from home often. And people like me, who are working plenty of hours outside of ordinary business, which means that it should be possible to have access to alternate applications at the least.

They haven't (yet) asked me to uninstall Netflix.

Obviously though, with so many cyber security risks out there, limiting them to as few as possible makes sense, especially what is at stake. Generally though, the biggest risk isn't through application vulnerability, it is through human error. Opening links they shouldn't, sharing information they shouldn't, or falling for scams that they shouldn't. People are quite gullible these days, especially when in a rush.

At the end of the day, "not my computer, not my applications" and as such, I have to follow the corporate policy. I have a desktop PC at home that I use for the majority of my personal stuff and keep much of it well away from potentially shared spaces, but there is some overlap in some areas, at least with the posting key for Hive for example. In general, we have been given a fair amount of leeway in what we can install, but they are taking away admin rights from some users already, and I assume that will be pushed out to most users soon enough.

From the corporate side, there is the benefit of risk mitigation, but they might also find that they will lose some of the benefits of keeping people on their equipment. It is much like a Time on Site metric, and the more people spend personal time on their PC, the more likely they are to answer that email, or quickly update that presentation. In a global company with shared resources, this can actually save a huge amount of time and energy across the company.

I don't need to worry about this aspect of it though, as for me, I am looking to cut down the time I spend working, but in order to do that, I need to have less work to do. That is slowly happening as I onboard two new people into their roles in my respective team, but that takes time and they won't be up to speed that quickly. Maybe a little bit more slowly now, since I will have more reasons to move PCs earlier in the evening - and I have zero work content or connection on my personal computer.

As annoying and inconvenient as it might be for individual users, the fact I agree with remains - security comes first. I can respect that and I also know, relying on individuals to handle this themselves, is a losing battle. People are people. People make errors of judgement. Many are not good at judging to begin with.

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It would be sad if you have to uninstall netflix... Funny enough I didn't even know there is a netflix app..

My Betty works at a university.. She says if she sends a mail to someone on campus it takes around ten minutes to arrive because of security scans and all that lovely stuff... Can you imagine...

Anyways... Is brave really worth using? I heard somewherr that you actually get paid but is it worth it to download

10 minute emails like it is 1995 - I remember ;D

I haven't enabled the "paid" bits on Brave, I just like the ad blockers.

ahhhhhhhh The ad blockers! I think I might be interested now!

Laughs I don't think one will get that much. I reckon my vote on hive would put more in my pocket.. or yours 🤣

Sorry about this annoying rule, but totally respect your use of Brave Browser. I love it... been earning BAT for quite some time!

I prefer to just use my own ISP and computer when I work remotely, but this isn't possible for everyone, especially the security conscious like you said.

So far, I have been able to keep it. I am hoping they forget for awhile :)

That kind of thing is annoying. Understandable, but annoying. I work freelance most of the time so I usually don't have to deal with company security policies, but they do hit me sometimes. The car companies are the most paranoid. (And Toyota is the worst). When I visit one of those companies, I have to turn in my phone, my Apple Watch, and if I have it, my laptop and leave them all with the security office; I have to have my fingerprints taken, and sign a sworn statement that I won't steal any corporate secrets.

Funny enough, Japanese companies haven't seemed to get the memo that email is insecure. Common corporate practice when a password is sent is one email will say something like "stand by for the password" and the next email will contain the password only with no other text. I've argued to many people here that that is not really the most secure method to send a password, but I just get blank stares back. Oh well.

Sorry, I kind of rambled off. At any rate, yeah, annoying but understandable.

and sign a sworn statement that I won't steal any corporate secrets.

Do you think an industrial spy would say, "Sorry, I can't sign that" :D
It is like child abuse laws - people who abuse children, don't care about the law.

It is funny how people share information in companies. The company I work for is info management, so it is pretty good with this kind of thing, but some of the stuff we see...

haha I know. It's very silly. But it's far from the silliest thing I've run into at Japanese companies. I've learned to just roll with stuff like that and not question it.

Most corporate companies don't allow personal use on their equipment here at all, caught and fired, simple rule for a long time.

All private work done on home computer, safety always something everyone tries extremely hard to keep up with.

Sorting out your browser use the one you prefer at home, problem is not having an easy link from workspace makes it impossible to do trades if trading.

@tipu curate

Most corporate companies don't allow personal use on their equipment here at all, caught and fired, simple rule for a long time.

I think this is changing too, as in the past, there wasn't an expectation to work from home either. Now, since we have to carry our office with us everywhere we go, there has to be a change in policy also.

Sorting out your browser use the one you prefer at home, problem is not having an easy link from workspace makes it impossible to do trades if trading.

This is part of the problem for sure. I don't like using the mobile apps, as I am not very good with them.

Ha ha, I don't use mobile at all, too open to making errors so keep well away from them.

Maybe try macOS?


No way!!


It sounds like you've gotten comfortable with using the old device and are just a little "reluctant" to port things over to your own. It's just a matter of inconvenience and time. In a few moments, you will get used to it and be in your new comfort zone again.

You're right, Sir; the only reason to move in cyberspace is security. True, but only in terms of security. I agree with you—the problem is not with the device but with the user's own fingers.

Layered security is much safer for someone who is not very knowledgeable about network technology and who is in a hurry or has a careless attitude.

It sounds like you've gotten comfortable with using the old device and are just a little "reluctant" to port things over to your own.

No, I use both of them daily. Porting isn't an issue. My work PC and home PC are connected to the same screens at home, but I travel and work away from home often too.

My work computer is fully locked down. Everything has to be installed by IT.

Yeah - it is common. But the company I work for has to be agile and the locked-down companies tend to struggle with many aspects that should move much faster.

How about turning Brave and Whatsappp into portable programs and putting them on a flash drive? In theory you should even be able to keep them on your work computer at home, since they don't require admin privileges.

That's an idea! :D

Yeah, there's a program that can convert any desktop app into a portable one. I forget what it's called though.

As an IT administrator, I lean more towards the education side than I do just locking everything down. I understand the security concerns, but I don't really do too much to keep people from doing most of the stuff they want. Heck, I'd be the first one to have to clean house if we didn't allow personal stuff on our computers. Hive Keychain would likely be a banned add-on :) I prefer to find a happy medium that still ensures the security of your network.

The problem for them is more that if the wrong person gains access, they might be able to access customer data and systems and we deal with some "high security" areas. I get their concern and as we grow, it has to be considered from an investment perspective too.

Yeah, I totally understand their view point. I think a lot of people where I work would probably complain that I am a lot stricter than they actually realize!

People make errors of judgement. Many are not good at judging to begin with.

It took me a long time to understand that in blacksmith's house, to err is human, but who is bad at judging is because he always does it from his shortcomings, failures, and meanness Mr. Taraz... And those who judge in this way, it causes delay...it's that simple!!!

In fact, where I currently work, they removed everything, they only edited the applications for what concerns the university with research and extension, and the rest was eliminated. According to this, to avoid distractions in those who make use of the resource technologic. The safety first they say and protection of assets...by the way, what has been left by those who govern us in this my country.

I don't like to feel like I am getting controlled :)

No one likes to feel this way under control 🌡️

I've never used Brave but it's always intrigued me. Maybe I'll tinker with it a bit!

Certainly corporate security is important, in the end it happened to me too in the past; I don't think Chrome or Firefox are as secure as people think, but if they are decisions that are up to the company, they have to accept them.

I don't think anyone of them are secure, but perhaps at the corporate level they can have some kind of protection or excuse if using the big ones.

Yes, in the end I think it's a question of perceptions.
You will see that one day we will also change these perceptions... it's just a matter of time.

I started using Brave a few months ago, and the experience has been amazing. I used to think only Chrome was a worthy enough browser, even though I've used the others as well, but non really felt as good as Chrome.

I switched to Brave after a friend from here, Hive, suggested I give it a try. Few months in, and now I'm even using it on my phone. The add-ons, extensions, and ad-blockers, all combined really provide quite a flawless experience.

Yep - it is the add blockers and tracker killers I like about it. And, it is fast enough :)

it is fast enough

Indeed, it is. It doesn't eat up much RAM/Memory either. Whereas Chrome takes up a lot more.

just use brave and put icon of chrome in desktop isntead :D:D
But yea legal companies need legal soft, and brave is unknown for them. Welcome to ads in youtube lol

Thankfully, I don't use YouTube much at all - unless I need something for DIY - I don't understand what people do there! :D

Unfortunately, they check the actual installs...

Brave browser stopped giving BAT on my PC for no reason. Therefore I don't use it anymore, seemed to be scam to me.

Use Firefox if you care privacy.

I don't like Firefox :)
I also never opted into getting BAT.

Sr. Technically why smartphones are not able to replace PC and laptop completely I mean why we still need personnel computers and laptops, what kind of work we still not able to do on smartphones

Another thing is we should not stress to much on information security it's important but all we can do is not shared any sensitive information online if you shared it then there is no way to keep it hundred percent safe that's why it's doesn't matter which software or operating system you are using

what kind of work we still not able to do on smartphones

Lol. Try spending your days working on account spreadsheets with thousands of lines on your phone. :)

I will try 😂

brave lost appeal long time ago when its own CEO acknowledged they were not that "private" browser and could use users details

It is annoying but may in fact be a boon as there's one less space for things to possibly go wrong or fall into the wrong hands.

I was issued with a work laptop and it's networked to the company system (server) as well as through the rental company that they got it from. That to me is an absolute no-no as there is simply no way that I'm taking the chance of my crypto activities or keys getting into someone else's hands.

It's going to take you some time to get used to, but I'm sure that you'll get there, it's not impossible, just annoying AF.

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I’ve gotten in the habit for a few years now to keep my personal stuff and work stuff entirely separate. It’s not easy to be on hive but I manage, I have my phone near me anyway and I can pop on and see what’s going on so it’s not too bad.

Tough but certainly understandable!