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RE: Privacy Issues in Online Ride Service

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That sounds so creepy, I'd get pissed also if someone would randomly do that. I'm glad that you were vigilant about what that person was doing when he was asking your personal questions. I guess that's the most convenient thing here in the UAE right now, all our phone numbers are linked to the Emirates ID so they can track you.

I hope they'll fix their system and you won't ever experience something like that again.


The numbers that we have are also linked to our national ID here but obviously, people find loophole so that it doesn't attach to them. Imagine if that was happening to a naive customer? if that happened to my mom, I would be quite concerned as she's the type who would answer something from stranger. I also doubt they would fix their problem and it was my last straw that I am switching over to service that cares about my privacy and their customer.

Ohh, okay. I guess that is one system that the Philippines should adopt. They truly know the loops of the system.

That's really true though, I'd get really pissed if that would happen to any of my family member and safety is the number one thing.

May you be able to find a better service that will be able to serve your needs. I hope there's one that would value privacy.

Have a great weekend!