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RE: Hi I'm a Doctor and I'm hating my job

Oh yea. I've seen this problem hundreds of times. Like enforcer48 mentioned, you've got to keep that anger in check. When I got out of the military, the companies I worked for were not prepared for the salty mouth of a sailor. I told people what I thought and where they could put a lot of their ideas. It wasn't a fun experience. Never make emotional actions in the sciences. It will come back to bite you.

So, if your seniors don't understand the plight of the lower doctors, or don't care, what are you to do?

Speak their language.

Here's an example. Power plants like coal, nuclear, or any other type that utilizes high temp/pressure steam to generate electricity must enact strict chemistry controls to mitigate corrosion. These plants are meant to run for decades. The industry is so serious about regulating the corrosion reaction that they will measure corrosion particles down to the parts per trillion constantly.

Anyway, the Institute for Nuclear Power operations say that the levels of feed water iron (the water being pumped into the Steam Generators (SGs)) was rising throughout the industry. They implemented a much lower limit on iron going into the generators to prevent those pesky reactivity accidents (think Three Mile Island as an example - not corrosion related though).

The seniors understand money. And impact to performance indicators. They do not understand the plight of the worker because their job does NOT require that level of attention. The company I worked for at the time decided to tie management bonuses to the new chemistry limit. If you meet the limit, you're good to go for that sweet sweet bonus. Lol. I'll never forget the day when I looked at the most recent sample reports to find the power station was above the limit. It was Christmas day.

The changes made in the power plan to achieve the lower chemistry limit improved the lives of definitely the chemistry department. It was all because corporate tied money to performance.

I don't know if this will work for you, but if you tie your conditions to some cost or company vision metric, you may find a faster response to your problem than you've seen.

Best of luck.


I get you...but its a government job...meaning they can't really pay you extra for extra work unless its from the goodness of their hearts. But there don't have goodness in their hearts.

I'm very sick now and I'm working on getting a sick leave anyway cause they'll soon kill me out here...

Government jobs are the hungriest for cost-cutting measures. I hope you get that sick leave, though. You definitely sound like you need a break.

Other sick doctors were sent back to work so there was no use askingfor the sick leave. I also heard they'll make you redo the hours spent on your sick I have decided to try.

I spent yesterday sleeping and today I felt very good.

Nice. The longest I've ever slept after duty at a prior job was 22 hours. You deserve the rest. The whole world changes once you do. I wish the higher ups would realize this fact.