Why Do I Always Fall Sick Of Malaria?

Pretty simple. Because mosquitoes always bites me.

I knew it will come soon. But, why exactly must malaria visit me? Is Every Nigerian doom to be sick of malaria every now and then? Very soon my temperature would be so high, My mouth would taste bitter and I'd be restless. But just before that happens, Let me write about it here. I won't talk about how it affected me in yesterday's Hivechess online tournament because that would be another long post filled with so many chess notations and explanations. @stayoutoftherz, I wanted to stay out. But the lighteye system kept screaming You must play!
Anyway, This is almost like an inevitable sickness for me every now and then. I hate it when it comes at times when am trying to be productive. Yes, everyone needs to rest sometimes. However , A sickness caused by an an insect shouldn't be the driving factor!


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I really dont care at the moment what the science name is. All i know is, anyone who is exposed to mosquitoes would most likely have malaria. Funniest thing is that it's difficult to avoid mosquitoes in Nigeria. It's crazy, You can buy insecticides or repellants but that actually just delays it.

How Exactly Do I Know I Have Malaria?

While I'm 95% sure, I'm still going to run a test to confirm. In the last 10 years, I've only been sick of malaria. It's crazy because the rate is high. Sometimes it happens once in every month. At least once in two months. It's crazy but it's annoying for an individual to know that he/she will fall sick every soon. Once i start feeling uncomfortable and i have headache and I feel weak at the same time. I just know it's malaria time.


Sam, You'd be Fine soon. So What's The Matter?

Yeah true. I'd be fine, it usually just take 2-3 days of fever and pain. Mine takes less sometimes but comes with more pain. Anyway, it's just annoying for me and for every Nigeria who breaks down in health because of an insect bite. It's okay if it happens once in a while, However the frequency for me is a big problem.

In conclusion...

It always difficult for me when am sick. I usually have a hard time dropping my phone. I'm addicted to Hive.blog, peakd,LeoFinance.io, Discord, twitter and Element.


Yes,sad realty. I also find it difficult to get food. Although i probably won't eat it as Loss of appetite is another effect of the sickness.

First time writing in this community. I hope i don't complain about something else again. But even if i need to, it's relaxing to know there's a community on chain that supports it.

I'd be not so active for a while (A day or two). I hope I'd have the strength to make a post later today or tomorrow. Oh, here comes a positive aspect to scheduling posts. Problem for me is that, I love to write about trending topics.

I'd go for test and get my usual drugs after writing this post. But honestly, it sucks to be sick.

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Thanks for your Attention!


Chlorine Dioxide will clear it up within hours

I forgot to ask you in a previous video of yours; where do you get your Chlorine Dioxide from? I ordered some awhile ago from Genesis 2 Church but they're now offline due to the GOONS-IN-UNIFORM.

I need to stock up again before I run out. Thanks.

Seems complicated, I'd read about it. Thanks.

Why did God made this mosquito creature out of all livinf things in this world haha XD The place I live in also have this problem, so can I feel you sam.

Lol. They are just little terrorists. It's good to see you around. Thanks @mango-juice!

I can totally relate to your situation, so sorry about how the malaria make you feel.

I have been there, but my system is better now, mine got so bad I was begins to think it was more than malaria, the thought of me getting sick any moment soon was so scary.

my remedy
I started taking garlic and it has helped boost my immune system, that even now I hardly get malaria.

Yes someone told me garlic does the trick. Anyway, thanks alot.

I don't like garlic taste, but I'd try. We've got to do what we have to do. Right?

I don't like garlic taste, but I'd try. We've got to do what we have to do. Right?

I hate the taste as well, and that is why I don't usually chew it. I just swallow them the way I swallow drugs 💊 accompany with lots of water. That way, the smell is reduced to the nearest minimum.

Please try to be well, malaria is very common here in Nigeria and we can't really escape from it, even the so call repellants aren't working anymore, maybe they reduce the stuff or the mosquitoes just find ways to adapt to it. Go for the test and do the necessary things they told u, also don't stay too long in one position so it won't weigh you down. And about the food, find one babe make she cook one delicacy for u with sweet aroma, the appetite will come

Thank you. For the babe part, I can't stop laughing. I go dey alright.

I guess maybe the mosquitoes find your blood to be sweet. @samostically But really, the way you said you get malaria almost every month sounds somehow, but pls take good care of yourself. For me, I get sick at most 3 times a year! And it is good you knew your body which will signify any illness early for it to be treated and not stay too long in the body.

Someone said because I'm AA. It's not cool anyway. Thanks for your support and kind words, I appreciate.

Someone said because I'm AA

For me, I do not think this concept is really true. I am AA too. And i only fall sick at most 3 times in a year just for malaria or stress.
But all in all, take care of yourself.

OMG, get well soon!!
By the way, Malaria is not caused by the insects, the moscitoes just bring it to you. It is actually caused by nasty single-cell organisms, Plasmodium.

Thank you very much. !LUV

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Get better soon!

@tipu curate

Thank you, I appreciate your support.

I've heard this is common in Nigeria & get well soon. Don't you guys have food delivery app? those would help for the short term.

Thank you Mac.

Don't you guys have food delivery app

We do, I used it yesterday.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your kind words and support.

Get better soon! as long as there's food app, it's gonna be fine 😄

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If you aren't acquiring it frequently, it's possible what you are experiencing is relapse.

Some species of Plasmodium can have dormant parasites inside your liver and they act out every now and then.

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Malaria sucks, I’ve never had it but I know people who have! It’s not fun for sure. It seems to affect large numbers of people in Africa and the Asian continent, which is tough!