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RE: Can You Live Without a Phone in 2022?

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Writing a THESIS on your phone..crikey!! Mind you with my new Oppo I write more Hive posts on my phone than ever before!!!

I hate the way we seem to not have a choice anymore. I refused to have the app that showed my vax cert because EVERYONE had it and they said we should, but I had it saved as a doc and they had to wait whilst I opened it BECAUSE I WAS PROVING A POINT. Made me WILD if we couldn't get into a place if one of us forgot our phones. Soooo stupid. Does it make us more advanced as a species? Well, we are getting dumber and the world is falling apart, so.... Grrrr!!!


My mom didn't have the app because her phone was a simple one and it caused a problem a couple of times. I had to upgrade her phone so she has those app. It's still crazy how we have to be vaxx and such just to enter places where we mostly likely spend money on for the service. I don't know. I am not too happy about the current situation and it's likely difficult to change. I also think that those who sit in power are not even tech literate and they make rules that are quite irrelevant. We definitely getting dumber and it's pretty sad.