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Photocopiers are made by the devil. They are made in the same factory in hell as mosquitos and wasps.


Indeed they are, and it seems they get worse with every production run. The devil's factory must be busy putting out all these terrible things; you mention a few, but there's others as well. I'm sure we could come up with a sizable list.

Burnt toast. Dog poo on ones shoe. Biting into an earwig in the salad and not finding the other half. Slugs. Overripe avocados. Vacuuming. People who can't take criticism about the poor use of apostrophe. Running out of jalapenos. Blackbirds.

All'' o'f the above f'or sure.

Lol...Sorry, I have pooruseofapostropheitis to'day. 🤣



Hahaha! This made me laugh so hard! If printers and photocopiers have a mind of their own, they sure are full of evil! They tend to malfunction in times when you need them most. They slow down your work until your day is totally ruined.

In addition to mosquitos and wasps are roaches and flies!

Oh man, I hate flies! I've swallowed a few in my time as well - horrific. Worst is when you're about to drift off to sleep and they come buzz like a whirling dervish on acid on your lip.

😂😂mosquitoes and wasps