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RE: Phone home

10 years ago, my life was tied to my phone. I was always responding to email and phone calls as a IT Support person for multiple small business. Now I carry my phone but might get a txt or phone call from my wife a couple of times a week. I carry it just in case I need to call if I have car trouble on my drive to and from work, I drive 50km's each way. I occasionally even forget the phone in the car. It is so relaxing to not be dependent on my phone and always jumping every time it beeps.


Phones are handy things and can save one a lot of trouble, especially when travelling as you do. There's a time and place for them and I believe they have value to offer...I just don't like the feeling of reliance, of having to have it with me, and so took some steps to change that. It wasn't that hard considering I don't rely on the dopamine hit of social media. It just feels a little odd at first but just as we got used to carrying them we can get used to not doing so.