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RE: Phone home

I've been trying to leave mine away from me. I hate the obsessive need it drives in me to have it handy for checking out how we milk almonds etc ;0)

It's liberating but it is also weird, a nice weird.

Don't tell them about the shower though!!


I really dislike the feeling of reliance upon it, and the dumb-ass excuses I make to take it wherever I go. It's been really difficult to train myself to leave it home but I'm rockin' it. The only problem is all the checking in we have to do on it and the government app because the covid rubbish. I've been writing my name and number on the paper instead on those times I leave my phone home but that's annoying too.

Lucky mine has some water-resistant qualities though Boomy...Stay tuned for selfies from the shower...One day I'll have three scotches in a row and be drunk enough to post them all...No words...Just images with the tag #theglory

Don't dare me bro. 😁

For the #theglory!!

Heh heh.

I have the S20 too. It's frickin marvelous. The camera can sometimes be a tiny tiny bit too slow to respond to the shutter button. That is my only complaint. But I do love it. In saying that, I am with you. They are like a ball and chain

Yeah, that delay on the shutter is annoying but overall it's a decent thing...Evan makes voice calls too I hear. Lol. I actually take most of my post images with the S20, keeps it simple and I can always blame the phone for fucking up the shot.

Speaking of ball there was this one time in the shower...