Think With Caffeine #50: Delete Discord Messages With A Script



One thing led to another.

Staying awake for 30 hours seems to increase my paranoia again. In the past, I used to have an episode where I feared about everything I shared to people, even family members. I am not an open book unless I am in my manic episodes which is another story. But things changed in 2018; I decided to say fuck-it-all after I started travelling around. My attempt to become normal started with saying yes to spyware apps, being in a picture, nodding to every KYC in crypto, and trying trendy social media. I also increase my tolerance for people a lot. I tried not to blurt out something that seems too geeky, too nerdy, being too neurotic, or even saying what I stand for. Eventually, I am getting tired of it. I want to be in my natural state, but it is almost impossible to be in tech's paranoid side. There's no absolute privacy unless I choose to ditch my computer, stay off the woods, live alone, and then die.

These days, whenever I see people acting as they care about the goddamn privacy, I can't help but cringe. Sorry, we don't have something that is called "privacy" anymore. It seems that some see it as voluntary vs involuntary privacy. It's how I see it these days too. Voluntary privacy infringement is something that we do in this blockchain. Everything we write here is recorded permanently, and we choose to do that voluntarily. Compared with big tech, we are involuntarily sharing our information, and they make a gain off it. How? Ads baby. There are a lot more than ads, but I don't want to complicate it.

Discord is my vice. I wouldn't say I like the nature of Discord. It is not encrypted, and it has some strict TOS. Sadly, I communicate with some online friends, and it's where some hive folks are. I recently went into a couple of servers where people share their selfies, their location, and a lot of personal information about their life. It baffles me how a lot of people are voluntarily doing it. I was guilty of sharing information that I deem personal. So, the other day, with my paranoia increasing again, I decided to venture into another side. I found this script on GitHub that lets us delete messages you have in discord.

Before using that script, make sure to review the code or have someone you can trust review it. However, that source code seems to have no privacy issue. With that in mind, I also started deleting messages sent to discords before leaving the server. It is the same with personal messages. Ideally don't use discord but use encrypted messenger or encrypted e-mail for very personal information. But oh well, like Kevin Mitnick say,

" The weakest link the security chain is the human element".

I could go on and on about privacy issue and all of the things about it, but it's all I can say for now. I think I'll host my content this community since the nature of think of caffeine is borderline ranting while I enjoy a cup of coffee.

~ Mac


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Thanks for checking out and using the community! Really glad that I was able to give you a space to post about this.

I too have been very conscious of privacy and what I share versus what I don't. I have had some missteps for sure and recently fell victim to an unfortunate scenario of blockchain permanence here but it wasn't egregious or that bad. Something I wasn't glad to have stuck but water under the bridge.

I as well find it remarkable that people freely and knowingly share every single detail of their lives on the internet, pictures and all. People are even sharing their health information and stuff on here! It's wild, honestly. Not something I would be doing but to each their own.

I thankfully never really got into things like Discord. I used to do a lot of gaming and stuff so I'm used to the environment and the chats but with the limited amount of time I have, I would rather be on-chain instead of in Discord and chat features. Plus all of that is stored and absolutely used against folks. It would be nice if we ever got a good, encrypted feature to work on Hive but I know there is a lot to that so thankfully the BeeChat on PeakD is a huge improvement.

It would be nice if we ever got a good, encrypted feature to work on Hive but I know there is a lot to that so thankfully the BeeChat on PeakD is a huge improvement.

I have not looked into Beechat. I wonder if it's encrypted or not encrypted. I suppose, even if it is not, it's a long way to go for them.

Beechat is incorporated into the PeakD site under the chat tab. It’s really helpful and is easy! It’s not encrypted right now but I think they are trying to work on it. I suggested tying it to our memo key on hive bug don’t know how hard that is.

Oh yes, I know that feature and used it but what I meant is that I didn't really check further about more information or updates of Beechat.

Oh that code sounds hella handy !!! There's certainly some conversations I'd like to see wiped in my chats. Saying that, I had a convo with someone on HIVE once (I wont say who) who was a bit of an asshole, and he deleted all of his side of the conversation so I coudn't screen shot what an asshole he was. Lol

yeah that's very handy. Next time you met an asshole on discord, just run the code and voila, nothing will be used against you provided the other person doesn't screenshot the conversation.