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Whether you love it or hate it, ChatGPT is here to stay. I recently discovered that it has even made its way into hive. But even from that thread, I saw that there was someone who was asking a political question. While it may have some impressive capabilities, it's important to remember that it has its limitations.Before you use ChatGPT on hive you can read their FAQ. The thing is, according to their FAQ, they are not connected to the internet.

ChatGPT is not connected to the internet, and it can occasionally produce incorrect answers. It has limited knowledge of world and events after 2021

For now, you can freely access ChatGPT but it seems like in the future there will be a paid model for this. I am personally willing to pay as long as its price is quite reasonable. However, for the last two days, it has been experiencing some technical difficulties and traffic issues. That is because it seems, more traffic is coming into their network that just shows many people seem to be enthusiastic about using ChatGPT. From what I saw too, some have even used it to create a children’s book. I’d like to believe that this is not the end of a writer but it is a great tool to help writers become more productive. I also think that the rise of fast content, just makes the whole thing even faster.

Without considering any ethics and morals here, I would say that ChatGPT can generate content that’s fast and that will be forgotten the next day. For a place with high levels of user-generated content where new content is constantly being created and shared like Hive, ChatGPT might seem to be an option to create quickly forgotten content. The thing is, you are to decide whether to value and engage with it.

From what I have explored, as a writer you can use ChatGPT to give you ideas based on the prompt, to refine sentences, to summarize, and even create character dialogues and twists. More importantly it also helps you experiment with sentence structures and learn new vocabularies. But again, your data or any of your conversations can be reviewed by the team to improve the questions.

At the same time, AI art has been gaining more acceptance. It’s inevitable that they’ll become normal soon. Though the technology still has more room to advance and improve, it is here to stay. Some people argue that despite it being created by AI, the user who gives the prompt is still making an effort into fine tuning it. Again, it is up to you to decide if you want to value such or not.

If you ask me where the opportunities are made now, it is around AI. I’ve been following an indie maker that creaters avatar AI and now Lensa, is sort of copying them. Even before this, there are already services like anyword ai that in layman terms, help you generate easy and catchy tweets or any copywriting work. The difference between anywordAI and ChatGPT is that ChatGPT is much simpler to use, it’s like talking to someone possibly smarter than you.

Perhaps in the future we will have a quiz, Are you smarter than ChatGPT?


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Greetings Mac! I hope your socialization level is a little better this week so I come back to comment you 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣.

I have read of many people who are very afraid of AIs, and the truth is that I already want that time to come where we can interact with them more easily, I do not know if you read a news that circulated recently of an engineer who was worried because an AI was responding to him as if he had feelings and, in fact, told him that he was worried about humans and felt that they were just using it and did not care about it.

She didn't seem to have feelings of revenge, for now 😅 but that made me think that maybe AIs have more of humanity than humans, so I want to have an AI friend right now! 😅😅 I'm crazy, I know.

Of course it worries me especially in the artistic field, right now I don't know what will be the future of people who are dedicated to painting, writing or music when AIs have their heyday, but in the medical field, for example, they would be of great help to us, if we put in it all the medical knowledge they would help to avoid many human errors in diagnoses and treatments and therefore Malapraxis and Negligence.

Honestly I would have no problem with giving up my position to an AI that knows more than me about medical knowledge, because at the end of the day I care about saving lives and helping, so what will I live off of then? I don't know, I haven't thought about it... for now I've only thought about us being able to work together. The other part of the story is a bit fuzzy in my imagination and another part just imagines an AIs war with humans and that one I try to block out as much as I can 🙃.

I haven't tried this thing you're talking about Mac, but I'll give it a try because I love all this stuff, even though I don't know much about technology.

Happy beginning of the week @macchiata ! 🤗💞.

AI friend doesn't so bad. It's more rational than a human can be when it comes to advice. I don't think AI is cunning or a manipulator just yet. They don't have human traits and can't really translate emotion. This is why they make good friends when you need some proper advice.

There is this concept called UBI that people tried to introduce. It is basically the idea that people get certain amount of money without any test or requirement. The proponent think that it won't discourage people from working and they will work from their passion instead of working to make ends meet. Maybe when AI takes over most of my job, UBI will be introduced and more popular. Although the thing is, it relies so much on goverment which I think a bad idea. So far, relying on them has done no good that's why UBI under them is still questionable practice to me and I remain skeptical.

You should try it out. It's not great yet but it allows you to help with idea generator, summarizing things, refining your sentences. But because people using it to generate code, they weren't impressed which I can actually get why. Some of them also use it to ask questions that are political and inappropriate which aren't how it is intended to be.

I feel like I'm the only one that haven't done the avatar Ai stuff

You're not missing out much really.

I've seen some pictures of it on twitter. Kinda look cool though.. You must have seen too right

Yeah, seen it way before it's popular


Do you know how #ChatGPT works?

It is an extra-dimensional portal the cabal has opened up, using CERN, and it is being fed into a computer and into a system that is readable and understood by humans, hence, the Midjourney interface.

It is not software. It is not code. The images it produces are actually drawn, or written, or conjured, however you wish to say it, not in this world or dimension. They are made in a different one, and then they are transmitted to ours, and digitally converted to image files we can read on computers.


Gideon: "They already are, using #ChatGPT. People are playing with fire. People are talking to it. Some people will become so obsessed, they will treat the A.I. as a kind of God, they will worship it, though maybe not literally, they will go to it for all the questions in life that they have, they will trust it more than any human. Meanwhile, what is really happening is they are being manipulated by entities not of this world without realizing it!"



Today I read a post on ChatGPT where a quiz question was asked. It wasn't very clever. It can give good answers to things that require knowledge, but I found that it is quite bad at things that require interpretation. It can be wrong even on the easiest questions. Of course, I think it will be much improved in the future.

It always said on the chat itself that it's bad at interpreting but it's good enough to formulate ideas. Human still needs to think eventually and fine tuning the result but it certainly helps boring work becomes faster. It's now still under research and not even a complete product. They even plan giving watermark and sign on the text so that people don't use it to generate article and such.

I can say that I’m not really a fan of it. I don’t think that in an environment like hive, there’s room for rewarded AI generated written content like posts. People may be able to argue a comment but I don’t think posts should be AI generated unless explicitly stated so at the beginning and/or decline rewards.

One of the strengths of hive is the human element to it. If we don’t have the human element then what the hell is the point of posting or interacting on hive? I’m not perfect and don’t visit peoples posts as often as I should it if I turn on an AI bot and it just goes around commenting on things on my behalf, and writing posts then what’s the point? It’s social media not AI media.

I know a lot of people will attempt to use it and get away with it. I wonder what we can do to direct it to be in a specific community or something so we aren’t conned into it.

When AI art came into the light, it met with many criticism, still does but it's a bit more accepted now. I think it is the same with content. It'll take a while for them to get accepted but it's going to be a normality in many industries. Do I feel threatened by it? not at all. What AI content generator does is damaging people trust. Are we certain we are interacting with a human or a robot?

I believe that people are inherently lazy 😂. This is how we make many things to simplify our life. From people I talked to, it would help them a lot in writing documentation and removing the tasks that would hinder them to be productive while writing the code. At some point, critical thinking will be done with AI and we'll enter the era of idiocracy haha

Yeah that’s for sure.. people are lazy as shit! I know things can be enhanced with using AI to supplement skills like having it write computer code to get the basis finished and then we polish or make tweaks to it. That would be a benefit I would use since I’m not smart enough to write a full program myself. For content creation though I certainly won’t be using it and will be trying to make sure the people I curate won’t either!