Indonesian government blocks Steam, Dota, Paypal, Epic Games and more

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On July the 18th I read the news and found out that the country is threatening to ban websites such as google, whatsapp, instagram, facebook, etc because they have not registered their company in the country. But as of today, tech giants have registered themselves including whatsapp, instagram, and facebook (accessible) yet many remain unknown. Steam as of today remains blocked in the country.

The government is currently campaigning to make foreign companies register in the country database. Under this rule, it would make the government “monitor” and “regulate” content. That also will give them the power to take down content deemed unlawful or that "disturbs public order" within four hours if urgent and 24 hours.

In Indonesia itself, people can not access reddit, vimeo, pornhub without vpn. With the upcoming regulations, it would mean many things will be blocked if they fail to comply or not register their companies under the Indonesian ministry of communication and informatics website.

The opinion in the country is divided. Some people are supportive of the decision because it would allow the citizens to create new applications just like one of the ministries in the country said. Although some disagree as I have been seeing #blokirkominfo for about a week now and many online creators, developers, people who care about privacy, and freedom of speech voiced out their concerns.

This isn’t about just some games that will be unblocked once they register, the implication is far into their power to censor content. Although the government has stated that they can’t access the user data but according to their regulation, they can monitor those who are suspected of “crimes” and also if providers fail to comply, they will face some consequences.

Now, as of the latest information I read, there is a project from a non profit organization that proposes a plan for national DNS. Although this is just a “plan” this plan seems terrifying because they want to centralize the control that they have over the traffic and what’s going on on the internet. If this is the plan that they choose to pursue, it is a sad state for freedom of speech in the country.


For now, Indonesian citizens can circumvent the block through using VPN and also private DNS. This is what I got from trying to update my Steam without VPN.



The policy itself received criticism as the government allows gambling sites to thrive just because they have registered their application. I got the advertisement for those games and I can say, they are still a gambling site and not just a regular card game.

Is this another opportunity for blockchain games and services to thrive in the country?

It’s hard to say but recently the government introduced a crypto tax that would make any NFT classified as an asset and 0.1% value-added tax on crypto asset purchases, while earnings and capital gains from such transactions will be subject to a 0.1%. Yet, Indonesia itself still prohibits cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. There are more regulations that eventually make everything more centralized in the country.

At the same time, the country is trying to issue a tax free digital nomad visa for foreigners who wish to stay in Bali. That visa is given for 5 years and also stated that they are not required to pay tax as long as their income derives from businesses based outside of Indonesia.I do not think this is fair at all and from my own experience living in bali, the locals are pushed back more and more. It’s also getting quite expensive for even Indonesians to have access in some of the places in Bali. Gentrification is eventually inevitable on that island. Now, with all these that’s going on in the country, I wonder if the regulations would still attract digital nomads from other countries.


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I never thought it would happen in a place like Indonesia. What does Steam have to do with it? What is the benefit of tracking a criminal on Steam? You're going to catch him on the games he plays? That's ridiculous.

😂 You never know. E-sport is huge in the country but only specific mobile games. I think it's more about how they could make them get more taxes as they essentially earn from Indonesian users too. And if there's a criminal, maybe that's what they thought?? they stop the criminal from playing games and purchasing steam games.

I personally have items on steam and bought games there and it's going to be a while before I can access them. 🙂

It's sad that innocent people like you are affected by this. I hope they stop doing such ridiculous things and make decisions that benefit all people and protect freedom of thought.

I think governments everywhere are trying to crack down on the internet. They're trying to take back control. They've lost control of the narrative and they don't know what to do. It's happening everywhere. Centralization is exactly what they'll shoot for. It would really suck if every country ends up being fire-walled like China in order to control the flow of information.

It's fucked up and it's going to be suck if it's end-up that way. Even now it already sucks with extra hoops that I had to take just to have a life like others. I love the internet when it was truly decentralized and entities didn't care much nor make any regulations around our conduct. But now, it's not common over here people getting sued even jailed just because you said something bad about them and lose in the court.

I couldn't imagine. It's starting to get that way everywhere now. It's probably just a matter of time until it starts happening here more too. Crazy times we're living in.

That's a sad news for lot's of gamers there. Only ways is using VPN and i bet the gov breaks a lot of hearts there.

VPN is still causing problem too and can get you banned from STEAM. I tried with paypal and it didn't go well.

😫😫 is sad to hear about this and yeah something needed to sort out of it

actually this decision has received opposition from gamers, but the Indonesian government seems to want to benefit from the growth of technology, Indonesia has a large Steam user, hopefully the Indonesian government can consider their unilateral decision.

Yeah, gamers are one of the loudest during this protest. It's just unfortunate and hopefully, it will resolve soon!

If there’s one thing the government does well is it’s a big pain in the ass for everyone involved! Annoying for sure. I wonder if these are the dying throes of some governments around the world trying to stay relevant while computers run circles around them.