Do you care about your data?

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Data is the new currency.

And if a product is free, you are the product; A phrase coined by a world-famous American sculptor and video artist Richard Serra in 1973. These days, that phrase is everywhere and often used referring to anti-giant tech corp narrative.

Have you heard something along that line? Now, just remember that line and whenever you're signing up to an app, websites, etc and don't forget to ask yourself a simple question, am I the product?

Recently in Indonesia, the government sites have been bombarded with data leaks. The leaks included citizen personal identification from their national ID to even phone numbers. I followed the case closely because of my interest in cybersecurity and also privacy protection. This was jarring and difficult to read, especially for someone like myself, who protected my data and personal privacy as much as I could. With those recent leaks, I felt like my effort was in vain. Truth be told, it is difficult living in the country as a regular citizen to avoid so many websites and apps they created.

They have websites for just about everything and citizens must use them if they still want to use public services. Evading these websites is hard especially these days. At the same time, it's not the first time I heard about data leaks in the country, in fact since I frequent some sites, I read about it now and then. Despite those leaks happened in the past, strangely they still didn't arm their website with better protection. Because of the leaks that's very viral, it got me thinking about people's awareness of their data and their privacy. It’s something I am about to discuss a little bit and maybe serves as a reminder.


At some point in life, I avoided many proprietary websites and applications;although I still do these days, I am not as extreme as I was. What I did in the past was that I tried my best to avoid any applications that I don't know the source codes for. I also read terms and agreements whenever I use something. Then, after a while I started using twitter, discord, etc just because I want to socialize more. As I need to make money, I ended up slaving myself away through sites like fiverr and similar. Eventually, keeping that pseudonym can be exhausting and I fell into peer social pressure. Hatts off if you still stay anon and never reveal yourself.

This is why I hold on to believe that "human" is the weakest link in any security, even tech security. I also admit that I often gave away too much information just because I want to look a bit more approachable. Although now with data leaks in the country, there's really nothing to protect anymore.

Why do I care about my data and why should you?

I rarely see life through the darkest possible way but I just like to be cautious. Doxxing, hacking, persecuting someone just because they say something online are a thing these days. It's increasingly scary with people becoming karens and kevins just because they don't like something/disagree with something. There are many cases where people impersonate someone online for whatever reason including monetary gains. There are people who steal, who take advantage of someone's personal information because the banking security system isn't advanced enough or just for other reasons. There are many ways that could go wrong when our data is in the hand of someone who is desperate enough for money or just an overall psychopath. There are also people who can dislike you just by being nice and sometimes, they go to extreme lengths just to ruin your life. These scenarios aren't fictional as many of these happened and I noticed some of them first hand.

But you're on Hive, whatever you say is available on chain, permanently and can't be retracted.

What about being on hive, doesn't it reveal a lot of information about yourself or us?

You have the choice to stay anonymous. You can sign up on the site through an anonymous way that won't even be linked back to you, you don't really have to introduce yourself holding a sign revealing your face. You have the choice to write under a pseudonym and just share whatever you want. Whether you want to share what meals you had, your travel experiences, or even just your opinion, you can do it all by being anonymous and you know just exactly how the data is handled. In short, you're in control of your data and what you share. So whatever I share here has been under my consideration that I want to share those with all of you.

With people slowly gaining access to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and using social media web3, I just hope that they understand how important it is to know that protecting our data isn’t an easy job. Remember that your action, transaction, whatever you say is, on chain whatever that is and can be found. We’ve been outsourcing this task to a big corporation and now, we are given the option to take the matter in our hands. How are you going to handle your information and data?


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Worked in a telemarketing industry and I'm amazed about just how much data can some companies mine from their clients readily accessible in the system mostly for company information but still, some of those stuff are sensitive information that can get anyone to trace who's who within the company. I wasn't paying attention about this until I realized my own data gets mined as soon as I started ordering stuff online from online shopping platforms.

Pretty much,it's the sad reality and many of us don't complain anymore because we're used to it. I remember watching a documentary that basically reveals how data was mined, can't really remember the title atm but it was interesting.

Data was being mined covertly, it's just now that it made it semi-socially acceptable because people notice but don't mind as they need a medium of exchange for convenience. If you don't tell people you're keeping a record of their data or do (buried in terms and conditions that no one reads), they won't mind. They'll mind if you make it obvious that you collect their data. These sort of stuff just happens on a daily basis yet it's not an immediate concern as handing out your name in public seems so benign.

The thought of your personal information being linked back to you or leaked somewhere is growing anxious in my head. These things can be manipulated and might be a downside on my end, that's really why I'm writing under my pseudonym now. I'm very wary of what I share/post online even with only my friends and acquaintances so I've taken this kind of situation into deep thinking.

I'm just glad, I guess, that having almost an empty social battery kept me from revealing myself too much to people.

It's nice that you're aware of these but don't let it consumes you. It's not nice being paranoid because it will lead to more problems just like what happened to me.Having empty social battery definitely helps but surviving without networking is hard and sometimes I still struggle with that. So, I am trying my best to adapt but without really revealing too much about myself.

I agree with you. We just need to balance it.

It is amazing what the internet allows one to do, but one thing we take for granted is the fact that data is involved in all aspects of the internet.

Others might not know that even the phones they use keeps track of what they’re doing, the phone closest to them and all that.

And a person well vested in exploiting these devices can have access to sensitive information.

Thank you for the heads up 😊

Yep, smartphone is definitely something we actually need to keep an eye on. But again, with the current climate on data and stuff, can't be helped.

Years ago I read an article about this and then I researched it in depth. There are many examples of this in my country. I read news that an application like "Yemeksepeti", which is used by almost half of the country, is leaking data and this is very annoying. People are very bad at protecting their data. They throw everything out randomly. This may cause a problem in the future, I hope it doesn't, but I think it will. I hope we can raise awareness for the people at Hive and I'm going to reblog this post so that it reaches more people.

Sometimes the problem is also the government who fail to protect their citizen data and keeps mining those data for their own purposes. Oftentime, these data can either be used for good/bad since I had some experience working with them, these data can be helpful to make policies that are beneficial but sometimes, you see the worst case when it's sold by heckerman and then the rest is history. I visited my biological family today and they even told me they got a call from people outside indonesia and a whole lot of scam calls.

I wish governments would always look after our benefits, but they don't give a shit.

I saw this post yesterday and intended to read, but didn’t have the time then. I’m glad I came back to it.

I also read terms and agreements whenever I use something.

Lol congrats. You might just be the only person on planet Earth that reads terms and services as an adult😂

I know about Karens, but Kevins, totally knew to me. I might’ve just added a new word to my ~cunty~ people names list😂.

I know a few more people who read those stuff and they're more extreme than me haha but like it's nice to know what we're signing up to and you can actually sue the product if you manage to find a loophole. Also yeah, kevins aren't often used but that's basically what refers to male version of Karen :D

I don’t remember the last time I read something like that. Normally just skip to checking “agree & continue”.

Someone better not act like a Kevin on of these days because I’m itching to use it.