Can You Live Without a Phone in 2022?

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Maybe yes or maybe no.


My phone recently died due to water damage.

And I’ve been spending a few days without access to it. Now, I have come to realize that I think it’s almost impossible to live without it. Although you can say you could, if you totally stay away from society. But as a person living an urban life, it’s almost impossible to get through the day and even do anything without a mobile phone. One thing that stressed me out was my upcoming passport renewal that had its own application just to apply. Another thing was my inability to go far away because of the lack of public transportation where I live. Grab and online services are much preferred and more accessible than government based public transportation.

Not to mention, these days for car owners/drivers, they are required to use an app just to buy gasoline. Imagine not having a phone. Also after covid, many eating places around me are using QR codes to scan the menu and although it sounds cool, sometimes I just like to do it the old-fashioned way. Obviously, I get stares and all but I didn’t mind. When paying these days, people also prefer QR to a direct debit card. Oftentimes, they charge more if we opt to pay with direct debit than QR. Another problem will come if we want to use train/flight services. Those places require us to use our phones to apply for covid test just before entering the train. My family and I had our fair share of problems when dealing with those. We’re not the type of people that get too attached to gadgets but it’s inevitable that we can’t survive without it especially when we’re still participating in it.

All this also reminded me back in my early uni days when I didn’t have a sophisticated phone. I certainly have laptops but people around me rely on their smartphones more than their laptops. So, e-mails and such aren’t a thing but instant messaging. Since I didn’t have smartphones and no instant messaging, I was always late for news and information from my university. It was such a hellish experience especially when I was still new in town. That time, I was really hoping that email was a thing but only midway through my junior year, people started emailing each other rather than instant messaging.

Also, I am rather an outlier because I am not too dependent on my phone as much as others around me. Some of them make a living dependent on their phone and it is such an integral part of their life. For me, a mobile phone is just for calling, texting, and also a way for me to participate in society. I find it interesting that around me, people have smartphones more than they have laptops and they use smartphones more than laptops. It just simply baffles me that there are people who do thesis from smartphone rather than computer. To me, the phone has more security issues and there's a lack of controls for things that we click. Even installing postmarketOS, somehow, I am not too convinced about overall security and even to me, there's a greater chance of accidental human error than, say, when we use computers.

There are only a few people that I encountered who didn’t bother about all this. I am certain they have their reasons just like I do. But now, post-pandemic, I am pretty sure those old lecturers who didn’t rely on phones somehow have to.


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Mac you are my idol, I fervently accept that I am addicted to the phone 😑, really without compassion, without pity, I accept it, I have everything on the phone, I know it's a terrible mistake, but here I have all my life and everything is linked to the accounts of the apps, social networks and absolutely everything else, I love madly the apps would be very unhappy without them, the only thing my phone is missing is part of my DNA 🤣🤣🤣.

By the way I am also one of those who have a phone more updated than their computer 😶‍🌫️, please don't hate me at least I assume my problem and recognize that it is wrong 🥲 but computers are more expensive to update my friend, That's my excuse 😕.

Ha I'd rather NOT rely on my phone but truth be told, they ARE mini computers these days.

hahahaha as long as you are doing something productive with your phone, that's okay. But if your work and lifeline isn't dependent on it, that's a problem. I generally don't link too many of apps in my phone, just things necessary for calling my mom or interacting with hivers haha. It is true that computer in general more expensive to update but in terms of security, if you pick the right operating system, it could be as well more secure. Although sometimes, problem lies not in hardware but human errors.

Have a great week!

Last time when you told me about the accident, I was afraid that this would happen :( Like you, I am a person who does my work on the computer rather than on the phone and my phone is almost dead. I need to do something about it. We will see what I will do. I might get a new phone soon. What do you think, get your old phone repaired or buy a new one?

I think as long as it is repairable and the cost is reasonable, you can repair it. But if the cost is equal of buying a new device, might as well, buy a new one. I already got mine and saying goodbye to my old phone. I might have to repair it myself at some point just cause I don't really trust repair people 😂

I already have an iPhone 6 that's getting very old and it's time to replace it. I don't know what to buy, we'll see.

Writing a THESIS on your phone..crikey!! Mind you with my new Oppo I write more Hive posts on my phone than ever before!!!

I hate the way we seem to not have a choice anymore. I refused to have the app that showed my vax cert because EVERYONE had it and they said we should, but I had it saved as a doc and they had to wait whilst I opened it BECAUSE I WAS PROVING A POINT. Made me WILD if we couldn't get into a place if one of us forgot our phones. Soooo stupid. Does it make us more advanced as a species? Well, we are getting dumber and the world is falling apart, so.... Grrrr!!!

My mom didn't have the app because her phone was a simple one and it caused a problem a couple of times. I had to upgrade her phone so she has those app. It's still crazy how we have to be vaxx and such just to enter places where we mostly likely spend money on for the service. I don't know. I am not too happy about the current situation and it's likely difficult to change. I also think that those who sit in power are not even tech literate and they make rules that are quite irrelevant. We definitely getting dumber and it's pretty sad.

Unfortunately in modern life style is impossible to "survive" in any city without a smart phone. In contrast, with a smaller place like a town or a village where things arent so complicated! I try more and more not to rely on my phone for simple things, as how to found one street. I still prefer to stop and ask as many people needed to find it.

But the future is digital, and sooner or later the digital IDs will come up! All these qr code scan to get gas or to access to a place, service or information, is just a way to train us!

Nice thoughts in any case!

You're right, a small town or a village wouldn't have those problem. I think it's what makes me inclined to stay in countryside than living an urban life. Although I can say, urban living has its own advantages too. Whenever I travel, I tend to also ask around because it's more adventurous that way and partly to keep my belonging safe esp in foreign environment.

No doubt that the future is digital. I just hate how where I live, digital is only a slogan and in their actual implementation, it's nothing digital. Thanks for checking this out!

It's like the air these days... Not the cleanest, but definitely a must.