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RE: Can You Live Without a Phone in 2022?

Mac you are my idol, I fervently accept that I am addicted to the phone 😑, really without compassion, without pity, I accept it, I have everything on the phone, I know it's a terrible mistake, but here I have all my life and everything is linked to the accounts of the apps, social networks and absolutely everything else, I love madly the apps would be very unhappy without them, the only thing my phone is missing is part of my DNA 🤣🤣🤣.

By the way I am also one of those who have a phone more updated than their computer 😶‍🌫️, please don't hate me at least I assume my problem and recognize that it is wrong 🥲 but computers are more expensive to update my friend, That's my excuse 😕.


Ha I'd rather NOT rely on my phone but truth be told, they ARE mini computers these days.

hahahaha as long as you are doing something productive with your phone, that's okay. But if your work and lifeline isn't dependent on it, that's a problem. I generally don't link too many of apps in my phone, just things necessary for calling my mom or interacting with hivers haha. It is true that computer in general more expensive to update but in terms of security, if you pick the right operating system, it could be as well more secure. Although sometimes, problem lies not in hardware but human errors.

Have a great week!