It’s been ages @leoplaw since I’ve heard from you. Pity that it should be this post that you comment on, (condemning China?) with a video link & no words.

Hope your art is coming along, nicely, and this finds you well, otherwise.

Pity it seems you didn't watch the video then. The video exposes the trail of funding from America to conduct viral gain of function research in Wuhan, because it was made illegal to do it in the US under Obama administration. The key figure behind obtaining funding for these illegal research projects is none other than Dr. Faucci. Funding for these illegal research projects was enabled by both Democrat and Republican politicians who have financial ties to the pharmaceutical companies conducting the research. Some of these same companies are now producing drugs and vaccines being used for the pandemic. Follow the money. China is not the main culprit, but complicit in the cover up of the accidental or intentional lab leak. This last point is not clear at the moment. But there is strong evidence that the outbreak had already begun in September 2019 and not December 2019.

I'm not saying China might not be complicit in the cover up (and I'm, certainly, not looking to fight with you). I'm saying that we're in this mess, together, and will only get out of it by working, together. Peace ✌️

If you're not looking for a fight, why are you assuming that was the intent?

By working together, that also means sharing relevant factual information, so that we can have open and informed discussions on what is a complex issue.

For instance, Australia has become an openly police state through the pandemic as the politicians use it to seize more power.

Even Polish politicians protesting outside of the Australian Embassy over human rights abuses. Politicians in other countries have also called for trade sanctions.

I, agree, that crises can be manipulated by (already corrupt) government entities. But 2 wrongs do not make a right. Second-guessing the science, mistrusting the medical community and spreading misinformation is cutting off our nose to spite our face. Variants multiply and get stronger the longer people remain unvaccinated and unconvinced of the gravity of this matter…

There is ample science from reputable universities and research labs which show:

  1. there are viable alternatives, Ivermectin being one.
  2. there is indeed a risk to health and of death from the vaccines, and not in small numbers.
  3. In most countries, the vaccines are being administered incorrectly. The vaccines MUST be administered intramuscularly and not intravenously, otherwise if the injection hits a blood vessel, it will cause the blood clotting and heart conditions which are cited as common side effects of these vaccines. Most vaccination centres are not employing trained medical staff to do the vaccinations. I've even seen the job advertisements here myself.
  4. The long term side effects of the vaccines are unknown, because there have been no long term studies. Until C19, ALL vaccines had to pass a mandatory 7 - 10 year trial period. Thrown more money at testing labs does not speed up time.
  5. Science and medical studies from reputable sources are being ignored and censored, because the issue has had politics put before health, medicine and science.

If you wish to discuss science and facts, I can provide you with ample documentation for all of the above points.

Secondly, I can provide you with stories of people we know who have:

  1. had severe reactions affecting long term health and or near death
  2. have been vaccinated multiple times and have
    a. no immune response, and hence no detectable antibodies and therefore are
    disqualified from any certification, and therefore must still live under the
    b. a partial immune response, but the antibody count is not high enough, and
    therefore are disqualified from any certification, and therefore must still
    live under the restrictions.

Thank you, Leo, and take care.

So, not a conspiracy theory that the pandemic is being used to implement police states?

I have friends and family suffering under the outrageous abuse of power by the police and governments in Australia.

Hence why I took issue with your post, it's title and image. It has details that are incorrect.

It appears you are also not interested in the factual science which demonstrates that information provided by the media and governments contains errors and omissions either by accident, lack of due diligence in research or at worst intentional.

The greatest problem in this current situation, is people's unwillingness to openly and rationally discuss the topic and perhaps hear information that runs counter to their beliefs.

Ideology instead of dialogue.