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Hehe, now you're making me feel really old, when you young guys are calling yourselves dinosaurs! I've been in jobs that required 24x7 availability for pretty much my entire career. From a decade as a first responder back when pagers were "new" and we had to get a page and drive to a pay phone / phone booth. lol. Then it was on to IT work and getting called to fix things after hours. Then into IT security work and called / alerted after hours and weekends for hackers and for other IT issues. So the cell phone and remote compute has certainly made that off-hours response easier for those of us that have to respond. Many systems can even be accessed from the phoneputer and fixed from there nowadays. So I guess for me both pro and con. The availability has to be there in some fashion, and the cellphone makes response more timely for me, so I guess more efficient in returning me to my free hours. I'm a tech geek and not an Apple fan either. I do like my Pixel phone and usually stay within a year or two of the latest tech, just because I love playing with the features and tech. Even though I carry it always, I don't actually use it much (Except for now tracking steps and activity along with my smart watch, got to work on the health!) I hate using the small screen and thumb buttons. I save my other stuff for the large screen and typing. I type fast and hate the time it takes to thumb out a message. I'll sometimes read email on the phone, but hate responding to email or ick text messages.


Mobile phones and other methods of communication have their uses and as society moves forward and develops so will the way we communicate. First responders, and others, have a legitimate use and need for them of course. It improves response time and prepares them better for what to expect through the transfer of information en-route. I totally get it. I guess my dislike of them comes from a different angle.

I remember needing a pager. Of course I didn't need it at all, just wanted it. Never got one thankfully. I remember when contemplating my first mobile phone...Needed it...But not really, just wanted it. And from there I came to rely on having it, despite the fact for the balance of my life I didn't need it and managed fine. I remember my brother telling me about SMS...I was like, WHAT is this magic!? I recall having to limit the characters to 160 I think it was. Now I write war and peace-sized texts without a thought. Progression. I recall the first phone I had that also included a camera. It was a Blackberry actually. Lol. Yeah, Blackberry. Loved it too. And then from there things go out of hand. They don't even talk about call-quality when advertising phones, just how good the camera is...Pathetic really.

Don't like typing on my phone...My thumbs make so many typos, or should I blame the phone, shifting blame seems to be the norm these days. Lol. I use my computer for hive mostly and so the phone takes photos for hive, accepts calls and sometimes I respond to an email or two. My work phone though, that get's a work out.

I have heard those Pixel phones are good. I have the Samsung S20 and have been happy with it although the battery life isn't that great. It's only just over a year old so I'll have it for a while longer but will definitely look at different options like the Pixel and Huawei phones which I've heard are pretty good too.

In all I actually hate phones and wish we lived in a world that didn't need them but now...We have to do this dumb-ass check in thing everywhere and so the phone comes with me mostly. I'm loving leaving it home though, and when home leaving it in my office and not checking it every ten seconds.

Screenshot_20210627-112701_mySA GOV.jpg

Screenshot from the government contact tracing app. Check in is mandatory with a $1000 fine for getting caught not doing so and $5000 for the business. Welcome to the new normal. We wouldn't want to catch a cold now would we.

Wow. Yes, I would hate that check-in instantly. The fines seem outrageous, but I suppose the only way for them to get any compliance.

Yeah, compliance and revenue all at once. I hate it...Like, a lot. Irks me everytime I have to do it, including every time I enter my office. All day. Mental.